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Entertainment Software Association Speaks Out Against Immigration Ban

The entertainment industry is speaking out against recent orders by the Trump Administration to impose a travel ban over the weekend, with the Entertainment Software Association being the latest to comment. In a press release issued today, the association had this to say: “The Entertainment Software Association urges the White House to exercise caution with […]

EA Is Working To Restore Access To Myanmar

Electronic Arts has responded to complaints that the Origin service is unavailable in Myanmar, with Community Manager EA_Tom announcing that the company is working on restoring access to affected customers. The whole ordeal started with players in Myanmar finding out that their access to legitimately purchased Origin games had been blocked. According to ‘Champions,’ EA’s volunteer […]

Kakao Permanently Bans Bug Abusers

Forum moderators over at Black Desert Online are no doubt getting ready for the barrage of “I was banned for nothing” threads as Kakao has permanently banned a number of accounts over an incident that occurred this week. A number of players figured out an exploit involving the shovel item and empty bottles, resulting in the […]

Survarium Kills Off More Cheaters

Survarium developer Vostok Games has announced a new ban wave of 139 players over the past week for the use of prohibited software. For those unaware, Vostok Games is one of the few developers willing to name and shame the players who are punished in their public announcements. You can find the entire list below, […]

Blizzard’s Silence Mechanic Exposed As Automated

Blizzard recently introduced a new moderation system to World of Warcraft, one that promised to implement account-wide punishment for abusive chat once a player was reported by a sufficient number of people. The description of silencing, as shown below, states that punishment is inflicted “after investigation,” presumably by a live customer support staffer. “Following the […]

Tree of Savior Bans Another 5,600 Accounts

IMCGames has announced another mass ban in Tree of Savior. As posted on its official website, the ban targeted players using a third party program to allow themselves access to the game’s market, repair, and other interfaces outside of the game’s cities. As part of the announcement, IMCGames also broke down exactly how these players […]

Jagex Releases Chat Logs Of Banned Players

Yesterday we reported a backlash forming on the Old School RuneScape subreddit by players angry over multiple account bans that been instated over the previous night. Several accounts were allegedly banned for harassing a streamer, with players brigading the subreddit demanding proof in the form of chat logs that the players were legitimately punished. While Jagex […]

[Not Massive] Dark Souls III Bans A Mark of From Software’s Incompetence

From Software is putting the kibosh on bad gameplay in Dark Souls III and you’d better watch out, especially if you’re not cheating, because the developer doesn’t understand how to protect its own customers from exploits in its game design. The premise is simple, the system detects anomalies and “invalid data,” such as equipment modded […]

VAC Bans Will Extend To Accounts Linked By Phone Number

(Editor’s Note: The article incorrectly stated incorrectly that the ban on associated accounts lasted three months. The ban on the phone number itself lasts three months, the ban on accounts is permanent. Thank you to Matt in the comments for correcting our mistake.) Imagine a world where cheaters use burner phones to mask the identities […]

Trion Worlds Punishes Impersonation Scam, Community Explodes

Trion Worlds has spent the better part of the past six or so months attempting to slowly detoxify the very virulent community whose actions they have actively coddled and defended as ‘in the spirit of the game,’ and that shift in management has come to a head once again with Trion reversing a trade scam against […]