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The Mummy Online Shutting Down Today

There are teenagers today who were not alive when The Mummy first released, yet have enough sense to tell you what a horrible idea licensing the franchise was for a video game, let alone an MMO. Even 2010 Omali, a pea-brained simpleton who believed anything was viable with enough heart, thought that this was a […]


Bigpoint Unveils Merc Elite, The Not-Fantasy-Themed MOBA

I know what you’re thinking: “A MOBA that isn’t set in a fantasy theme? Bullschtack, Omali!” Personally I am still not convinced that this isn’t some hallucination brought on by the gas station sushi I ate just a few hours ago, but for the sake of staying true to reality, or for the laughs we’ll […]

Bigpoint Lays Off 120, Halts Development in United States

Bigpoint has abandoned development in the United States, according to a news piece by Gamasutra released today. The bad news comes alongside even worse: 120 employees have been laid off from the free to play publisher, over a third if whom are from the San Francisco studio. The layoffs are due to the cost of […]

Gameglobe Trailer: Create Your Own Worlds

Gameglobe is an upcoming free to play MMO by Square Enix. Published by Bigpoint Entertainment, Gameglobe will be a free to play MMO that tasks players with creating fun and interactive levels for others to play through, or simply playing through the levels that others have created. The game is currently in closed beta, and […]

Why Aren’t You Playing: Drakensang Online

[Addendum: I mistakenly stated that Drakensang Online was built on the Unity Platform. This was incorrect, it is built off of Bigpoint’s Nebula3 engine.] Drakensang Online is a straight up isometric dungeon crawler, ala Diablo, and for me that is enough of a reason to at least pick the game up and give it a […]

Bigpoint: 250 Million Registered Accounts

Bigpoint Games notoriously has a big mouth when it comes to pointing out their accomplishments, and despite the objections of some of the gaming community over the publisher’s very blatant and self-noted pay-for-advantage model, the company continues to post major profits and major user numbers. Today, the publisher announced that their portfolio of over 60 […]

Speaking of Macrotransactions: Bigpoint’s $1,000 Spaceship

I hesitate to talk trash about Bigpoint games, and not just because the company could throw a million bucks my way to shut me up and it’d be like the CEO dropped a few pennies out of his pocket, but because the company has indeed found a way to monetize any aspect of their games […]

Bigpoint Invokes MC Escher In Concept Art

Click on the image above to see a larger version, and follow these simple steps: Starting at the room in the northwest corner, move your finger down the hallway to the large room. Head down the first flight of stairs, down the second flight of stairs, and down the third flight of stairs. Now head […]

Poop Talk: Battlestar Galactica Vs The Old Republic

Over here at MMO Fallout, we follow the mantra of publishing and forwarding ego-driven banter, and generally for the sole purpose of its comedic value. Much like how most humorous situations begin with a simple “hey, look what I can do,” the MMO world is no exception to events that begin with high self esteem […]