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Black Desert Online To Shutter Its Battle Royale Mode

In a rare show of self awareness for the industry, Kakao has announced that its Battle Royale mode for Black Desert Online will shut down. Originally released just a few months ago, Shadow Arena pits 50 players against one another with their eyes on shiny rewards. Unfortunately while Kakao had intended the mode to receive […]

CCP Games Acquired By Pearl Abyss

CCP Games announced this week that the studio, developer of popular MMO Eve Online, has been acquired by Pearl Abyss, best known for their work on Black Desert Online. The deal, which does not close until October (expected), claims that CCP will continue operating as an independent entity, the sale amounting to $425 million in […]

Black Desert Online Hits Steam: 40% Off This Month

Black Desert Online is available to purchase on Steam, right now! To celebrate the launch of the action MMO on Steam’s platform, players can snag a copy for 40% off for the rest of the month. That means getting in on the action will cost as little as $6. There will also be several in-game […]

Enjoy Black Desert Online For 7 Days

If you haven’t played Black Desert Online yet, but you want to, then you are in luck. Starting now and running through January 4, you can get your hands on a free seven day trial for Black Desert Online. The trial involves no content restrictions or progress loss, you can pick up where you left […]

[Community] The Nontroversial Fizzle Of One Guild’s Emblem

It wouldn’t be Monday on the internet, or any other day for that matter, if we weren’t discussing someone getting offended over a non-controversial issue. Those of you who read Massively OP, as I myself do, found an article late last week complaining about an “offensive” guild symbol in Black Desert Online that a reader […]

Kakao Permanently Bans Bug Abusers

Forum moderators over at Black Desert Online are no doubt getting ready for the barrage of “I was banned for nothing” threads as Kakao has permanently banned a number of accounts over an incident that occurred this week. A number of players figured out an exploit involving the shovel item and empty bottles, resulting in the […]

[Video] Black Desert Online Shows Off Sorceress Awakened

Black Desert Online is showing off the Sorceress Awakened, with a massive scythe obtained after reaching level 55. Check out the video above to see the Sorceress Awakened in action.

Watch: Black Desert Online Naval Update

Kakao Games has shown a glimpse of the exciting upcoming naval content that will be added to Black Desert Online in Q4 of this year. This free expansion will raise the bar of what is possible in current day MMORPGs. The update will expand the already massive world of Black Desert and introduce new gameplay […]

Black Desert Online Previews Ninja/Kunoichi Classes

Black Desert Online is previewing its July 20th update, introducing the ninja and kunoichi classes as announced by Kakao Games (Formerly Daum). The update also introduces a skill addon system, allowing attacks to be customized with up to two effects. Prior to this update on the 20th, Black Desert Online players will see the launch […]

Black Desert Online Is Also Banning Cheaters

Cheaters in Black Desert Online beware, Daum is following in the footsteps of other developers in reaffirming that players who break the rules will be dealt with swiftly and without prejudice. With complaints regularly being lobbied against the developer for failing to act on bots and hackers, Daum has announced that bans will now be […]

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