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Jagex Unveils ‘Optimus’ Anti-Bot Technology

I don’t think I’ve used that screenshot in almost two years. Last October, Jagex accomplished what many of us had thought to be impossible: busted a grand majority of the bots in RuneScape in one single move known today as Bot Nuke Day, or Project Clusterfutterer. The update demolished reflection and injection bots, or 98% […]

Most Surprising Act of 2011: Runescape Nukes Cheaters

Ever since Jagex’s inception, their fight against bots has been rather reactionary and ineffective. From 2001 with CAPTCHA codes and fatigue, to the random event system that probably claimed more players who had left the keyboard or lost connection than their intended targets, and so on. From 2005 onward, Jagex continued updates on an escalating […]

Runescape: No Longer Housing Bots, Consolidates Servers

As I’m sure many of you are tired of hearing by now, Jagex dropped a bomb on its own game when they released an update that not only began banning bots at a rate of 9000 per minute (their figure, not mine), but also rendered the programs useless by gutting their core programming. When the […]

Jagex: Nuking Bots, Suing Cheaters, Sends Official Warning

Yesterday was bot nuking day at Runescape, and according to Jagex it has been an overwhelming success not just in cleaning up the game, but disabling 98% of the bots and gold farmers. Something has come to my attention from another player about receiving an email claiming to be from Jagex, offering amnesty and a […]

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