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Federal Charges Filed Against Tyler Barriss And Accomplices In Witchita Swatting

Last December we reported on Tyler Barriss, a 25 year old who goes by the handle “Swautistic,” who was arrested after admitting that he called in the fake 911 call that ultimately lead to the death of 28 year old Andrew Thomas Finch. Barriss was arrested to be charged with calling in the hoax, and […]


Police Arrest 25 Year Old Tyler Barriss Over Deadly Swatting Prank

The Los Angeles Police Department has taken 25 year old Tyler Barriss into custody in connection with a deadly prank that culminated in the loss of a life earlier this week. Barriss, of Los Angeles, is being charged with a prank called “swatting,” in this case Barriss told the police that a man had been […]

Charturday: How Call of Duty Fares on Steam

With the recent launch of Call of Duty: WW2, I thought I’d dedicate the first Charturday to looking into how the series has performed on Steam where the game has been decidedly less popular than its console cousins. Black Ops 3, for instance, performed poorly enough on PC that Activision introduced a multiplayer only starter […]

Call of Duty Gets Slammed In Steam Ratings In Open Beta

The Call of Duty World War 2 beta is officially live on PC, and Steam players are not happy. Just hours into the beta being available, the game is already sinking in reviews with 30% (of more than five thousand reviews) as of this writing having a positive outlook on the title. While there are […]

[Column] Black Ops III And Genius Marketing

Call of Duty is one of those franchises that never sees coverage here at MMO Fallout, for obvious reasons. With that in mind, I need to take a moment out of our regularly scheduled programming to discuss the marketing genius behind the Black Ops III multiplayer starter pack, and to also explain why this concept […]

Activison Blizzard Up For Sale? For $13.2 Billion

Can someone loan me $13 billion? According to Bloomberg, executives from Vivendi SA will meet later this month to determine if the company will sell off its majority 61% share in Activision Blizzard. The report came from anonymous sources, noting that the meeting is secret and the details of what is discussed may or may […]

Call of Duty MMO, Cataclysm, To Asia We Go!

I know what you’re thinking: “Omali, this sounds like yet another free to play lobby based substandard shooter with a cash shop attached where players can pay to win,” to which I must ask that you set aside your stereotypes for five minutes and realize that you are likely 100% correct on that prediction. In […]

There Would Be A Call of Duty MMO Tomorrow

Back in January I talked about how Infinity Ward was rumored to be working on a Call of Duty MMO, which of course would likely be worked on by a different company under Activision at this point given Infinity Ward’s current less-than-functional status. Call of Duty itself, as I have said on a few occasions, […]

A Call of Duty MMO?

I’ve played every Call of Duty game since Call of Duty 1, and I have to say the most recent iterations (Modern Warfare 1/2 and World at War) take a lot of elements from MMORPGs. You have a¬†persistent¬†character who levels up as you kill enemies and complete objectives. You rank up, offering you new challenges […]