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CCP Games Acquired By Pearl Abyss

CCP Games announced this week that the studio, developer of popular MMO Eve Online, has been acquired by Pearl Abyss, best known for their work on Black Desert Online. The deal, which does not close until October (expected), claims that CCP will continue operating as an independent entity, the sale amounting to $425 million in […]

Eve Online Improves Free to Play With Arms Race Update

Eve Online just got even more attractive for those looking to play around without dropping a wad of cash. In an update this week, CCP revealed that free accounts (dubbed alpha pilots) will have access to a wider array of ships and skills. The update allows alpha pilots to train and pilot all sorts of […]

Eve Online Introducing Unlimited Trials

Eve Online is going free to play! Well, not really. While other websites are heralding today’s news as the coming of free to play for the 13 year old MMO, the term doesn’t entirely fit the package. What Eve Online is receiving is more akin to the unlimited trials that we saw in subscription games […]

DUST 514 Will Shut Down In May

CCP Games has announced that their console shooter DUST 514 will be shutting down later this year. Initially launched on the Playstation 3 in 2013, DUST never really caught on with either the Eve Online community or the console community. The idea was pretty unique, players in DUST would form corporations that would fight over […]

CCP Proposes Tradeable Skills, Community Not Enthused

CCP’s latest dev blog talks about coming improvements to the character bazaar, where players can buy and sell fully formed avatars in order to discourage less safe sales that would happen anyway on websites like Ebay. A majority of the updates concern the fact that the bazaar, while handy, is still too complicated for many […]

$1,500 In PLEX Destroyed this week recorded a player killed while transporting 84 PLEX items. The player, Ozuwara Ozuwara of the State War Academy corporation was killed by player Diorden at about 3:30pm in the high security sector of The Forge, while piloting a rookie ship Ibis outfitted with virtually nothing. Unfortunately for the attacker, all of the PLEX […]

Eve Online Unfurls Rhea Expansion

CCP is set on ending 2014 with the release of the latest update Rhea being declared both the last and the largest update of 2014. Rhea adds dozens of new features, new ships, and more to the space MMO, with a reminder that the next big update is just five or six weeks away. Rhea […]

CCP’s Latest Financial Report Shows Troubled Times

CCP Games has released their latest financial statement, and the results are a showcase on the company’s latest round of problems. Due to decreased revenue, CCP announced that they have shut down their San Francisco offices and laid off two key US executives: CFO Joe Gallo and CMO David Reid. The cancellation of World of Darkness, […]

CCP Shutting Down DUST 514 Oceania Servers

CCP has announced that the Oceania servers for DUST 514 will be shut down following regularly scheduled maintenance on Monday, July 28th. In a post on the forums, CCP Frame stated that a low population on the server led to players from other regions using it to set up rigged battles against one another. Following […]

CCP Layoffs From Publishing Team

Eve Online developer CCP Games has confirmed to Gamasutra that a recent wave of layoffs has resulted in 49 employees being cut from the company. According to the report, teams from Eve Online, Eve: Valkyrie, Project Legion, and DUST 514 have not been affected by the layoffs. “As part of our strategy to focus on […]

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