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Changyou Plays The Victim With Project Tank Lawsuit

It takes a certain kind of person to deny any wrongdoing when they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar, while their hand is still in the jar. But once you’re caught, you might as well try to save face and play the victim, right? With the lawsuit moving forward by over […]


Wargaming Sues Chinese Developer Over World of Tanks Ripoff

There are only two certainties in life: Death, and that if there is a product in existence, China has ripped it off and claimed it as its own. Now you can find a ripoff of just about anything in China, including MMO Fallout as I recently discovered. Litigation against these companies is generally extremely difficult, […]

Shadowbane Resurrected…In China

There are two words I never thought I would say again. Shadowbane holds a name similar to pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies, it has become the benchmark by which many sandbox gamers judge their MMOs, and very few if any titles come close to matching the awe-inspiring devotion of the Shadowbane fandom. So why haven’t you […]