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The Division Hops On Board The Perma-Ban Train

With Ubisoft announcing just a few days ago that it would be banning permanently banning cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege, the idea that The Division would follow suit was merely an inevitability. In no surprising motion, the developer has announced that the zero-tolerance policy will indeed be making its way to the streets of Manhattan […]


Daybreak Unbanning Cheaters Who Apologize On Youtube

The first step for a recovering cheater is admitting you have a problem and placing your faith in an almighty benefactor. That benefactor, in this case, is Daybreak Game Company. John Smedley took to Twitter to comment that, after a recent massive ban wave in H1Z1, a large number of players have been emailing him […]

H1Z1 To Cheaters: Thanks For The Donations

Sony Online Entertainment has an excellent track record on fighting cheaters, to the point where in Planetside 2 many developers have thrown in the towel and given up. H1Z1, currently in early access, is looking to be no different. SOE senior game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt has posted to his Twitter account regarding a recent wave of […]

Jagex Bans A Laundry List Of Max-Level Players

One criticism I see levied against Jagex on a regular basis is that the company is reluctant to ban long time or high level players who use bots to automate certain aspects of the game. In a recent move against players using automated software, a wave of high level players have been reportedly banned, with […]

Taco Tuesday: How Will Planetside Manage Cheaters?

Last year I asked John Smedley if Planetside would be shutting down with Planetside 2 releasing, since Planetside was already dead in the water in terms of population. The response I received was that Sony would rather seek options including transforming Planetside into the free to play model before they shut the servers down, and […]

John Smedley Deploys Lawyer-Grade Weaponry To Fight Planetside Cheaters

Sony Online Entertainment has been taking the fight to cheaters in Planetside 2, and the battle has not been an easy one. Whenever the development team comes up with a new way to combat aimbots and other cheats, the people making said cheats simply find a new way to work around the system. So in […]

Garry’s Mod: When Your Community Is So Atrocious…

Back when I first started talking about alternatives to Lego Universe, a few people came up and recommended Garry’s Mod, a modification for Valve’s Source Engine which allows players to play a very wide variety of games from shooters to role playing to building and everything in between. Without hesitation, I said no. Absolutely not, […]

Sony: So Much For A Final Warning

Cheaters have a high rate of recidivism, especially when punishment is lax and not at all intimidating. Earlier this month, Sony unveiled a final warning on their forums, for cheaters to give up and play legitimately, or pack up and go home. Today, the developer announced that 700 accounts have been suspended as a first warning. […]

Everquest Channels Jagex: Sends Cheaters Final Warning

Players who partake in cheating are hereby put on notice: stop now. This isn’t an idle warning. We have quietly invested significant behind the scenes effort into detecting cheaters quickly and accurately. The vast majority of players enjoy the game on a fair and even playing field. Those who gain unfair advantage over others will […]

G1 To Cheaters: Don’t F-Up Your Last Chance

The Gamersfirst team working on All Points Bulletin quickly became my best friend thanks to their method of not merely banning cheaters but publicly humiliating them. In a dev blog update yesterday, Bjorn continued the approach of calming the crowd by reassuring that the team is indeed fighting aimbots. Recently, Gamersfirst was able to perform […]