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Tencent Prepares To Take On Steam

Tencent appears to be aiming at PC juggernaut Valve by globalizing its own Steam-esque platform and rebranding as WeGame. Already massive in comparison to Steam, 200 million users in China compared to Steam’s 125 million worldwide, Tencent’s website indicates that the new WeGame platform will support global players on one client, expanding westward and introducing […]


Jagex Plays Pivotal Role In New Publicly Listed Games Company

Back in July, I reported that Jagex had been acquired by Chinese investors, and that the deal would mean the formation of a new company. Today, Jagex has finally unveiled that the acquisition is moving forward and that the new publicly listed company will be called Zhongji Holding. Rod Cousens, who took over as CEO after […]

Red 5 Studios Shareholder L&A International Is Effectively Worthless

When is a Chinese cashmere seller relevant to the gaming industry? When they hold 30% equity in one of the developers. L&A International Holdings Ltd is not only a mouthful, a few months ago they traded for 30.6% equity interest in Red 5, developer of the ever-struggling MMO Firefall. If you’re interested in buying stocks […]

Jagex Acquired By Chinese Investors

Jagex, the Cambridge-headquartered creator of RuneScape and Chronicle: RuneScape Legends finally announced their acquisition by Chinese investors, with a new Board of Directors being constituted immediately upon their purchase. The acquisition was first hinted at months ago after news broke that the developer was considering offers from Chinese iron mining company Shandong Hongda. CEO Rod […]

Marvel Heroes Heading East To Asian Markets

Step aside, Avengers, or actually just stay where you are. Gazillion Entertainment has announced a partnership with cloud computing company Ubitus Inc to bring Marvel Heroes to Asia this summer. Leveraging Ubitus’ market reach, the super hero MMO will be rolling out over the region beginning with Korea and heading China-bound with other countries to […]

Jagex Acquired By Chinese Mining Operation

Never let anyone tell you that 99 mining won’t get you everywhere in life. Jagex, makers of the MMO RuneScape and its many spinoffs, has announced that it is in the negotiation phase for a potential acquisition by a Chinese company by the name of Shandong Honda. You may be thinking that Shandong Honda is […]

Wildstar Free To Play Transition Accompanied By New Content

Wildstar is heading free to play this year and eyeing a Chinese launch, but before that happens Carbine Studios wants to detail a few changes that are coming. “WildStar going free-to-play is so much more than a new business model”, said Mike Donatelli, product director at Carbine Studios. “We’re also introducing a massive game update […]

Snail Games Legal Double Feature

Snail Games is the subject of legal action on two fronts, so for the sake of brevity let’s talk about both of them in one article, shall we? The first, former executive of Snail Games David Runyan is seeking damages from his employer alleging unlawful dismissal and racial discrimination. Runyan’s lawsuit specifically targets Snail Games […]

Guild Wars 2 Did Not Sell 3.8 Million In China

You may have seen some news over the past few days that Guild Wars 2 has sold 3.8 million copies in China, which would be excellent were it true. As it so often turns out, the information was spread via a fansite and is inaccurate, according to an Arenanet Twitter post: We’d like to clarify […]

1.5 Million Concurrent On Blade & Soul

Tencent Games is ready to talk about Blade & Soul’s performance in China, and the results are expectedly enormous. According to Tencent, the peak total concurrent players came up over the 1.5 million mark, with over 450 million creatures killed on the first day. Thousand Soul Demon has been slayed over 7.7 billion times, and […]