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MMOrning Shots: A Phoenix Shall Rise

So today’s MMOrning Shot isn’t from an MMO, at least not yet. What you are looking at is from the upcoming community-sourced MMO: The Phoenix Project. Set in motion by a group of die-hard City of Heroes fans, Phoenix Project looks to rebuild the super hero MMO that thousands enjoyed, even if it isn’t exactly […]

NCSoft Breaks Silence, Paragon Studios Wasn’t Profitable

You didn’t think that the drama surrounding City of Heroes was over just because the servers had shut down, did you? Well think again. has posted an article today detailing exchanges between NCSoft and a former Paragon Studios employee over the fate of City of Heroes, and as usual the two pieces of information […]

What Is The Phoenix Project? And Heroes & Villains?

Normally this is where I’d post a picture of Bender with the caption “Fine, I’ll just make my own City of Heroes. With Blackjack, and hookers.” As it turns out, someone’s already beaten me to the punch, minus the blackjack and hookers of course. I know what you’re thinking: “Omali, are you seriously going to […]

Save City of Heroes Reaches Out To Disney

City of Heroes shuts down in two days from the time of this writing. Despite the astounding campaign from the City of Heroes community, which gained the support of celebrities including Neil Gaiman, Mercedes Lackey, and John C. Wright among others, NCSoft stands by their earlier statement that all attempts at selling the IP were […]

An Ode To The Oldest Living City Of Heroes Hero

I logged into my old NCSoft account a while back and found this gem, so I took a screenshot tonight to show everyone. If you look at my oldest character on the Freedom server, Alexandravich, you will see that she hasn’t logged in in approximately 4,705 days. The character is locked and I just don’t […]

Save COH Plays For Charity

The community of City of Heroes weren’t just virtual superheroes this weekend. A team of forty nine battle ready players took to the streets this weekend to fight crime (and cause it) in a 24 hour marathon for the name of freedom, honor, and charity. The marathon raised over $8,500 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, […]

NCSoft Ignored Potential Buyers, Says Report

One of the luxuries of being a reporter is that I can always fall back on the ability to say “well it is a press release, so we have to give the benefit of the doubt.” The same way in which we automatically trust what comes out of a developer’s financial statements on the grounds […]

SaveCOH Responds to NCSoft

Last week NCSoft published a press release to try and quiet the growing masses of angry City of Heroes players. Breaking their previous silence, NCSoft took to the stage to explain that attempts were made to sell the City of Heroes game, but we’re unsuccessful. And as you can see by the comments on our […]

NCSoft Tried Selling City Of Heroes, No Buyers

It’s been over a month since NCSoft announced that City of Heroes would be shutting down, and since then the community has thrown virtually every theory out there as to why there hasn’t been any news from the talks with Paragon Studios.  The question that lays on everyone’s mind is: If NCSoft isn’t willing to […]

Video of the ___: Save City of Heroes

The hope for City of Heroes grows bleak, but that doesn’t mean the community has given up hope. Since NCSoft’s surprise announcement that City of Heroes would shut down later this year, players have rallied all over the web to keep the superhero MMO online and fighting crime. Or causing it, depending on your stature. […]

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