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Darkfall 1.0 Server Isn’t Coming Out, Says Aventurine

Any hopes of a Darkfall 1.0 server can be disregarded, as Aventurine announced via the official forums that the project has been killed. As part of their discussion with the community, Aventurine has been gauging interest in a reboot of the original Darkfall for some months now. Unfortunately, the developer came to the conclusion that […]


2014 In Review: “Needed To Happen” Moments

Let’s look at the year with rose tinted glasses, or perhaps a rose-tinted glass of hard liquor. As with any year, we had a lot of bad and a lot of good, but whether good or bad some of these just had to happen for the good of us all. 1. Goodbye Mythic Entertainment This […]

Classic Servers: Another Developer “Gets It.”

Private servers are a very stingy subject in the gaming press. Many developers don’t like to acknowledge them and, honestly, there is at least one of my contacts who will never return my emails after this article just for the act of referencing their existence. MMO Fallout does not condone private servers, nor do we […]

Lineage II Classic Server Coming

NCSoft is set to launch a classic server for Lineage II in Korea. The version includes legacy systems including the old inventory, pre-revamp locales, old crafting recipes, clan system, party system, xp loss, and more. All in all, it looks like the classic server will be somewhere in between the first versions of Lineage II. […]