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RuneScape Classic Officially Shuts Down

The earliest commercial version of RuneScape has shut down today after seventeen years of service. RuneScape Classic, previously known just as RuneScape, launched in 2001 with a handful of servers and an even smaller handful of developers, going on to amass far more interest than creator Andrew Gower could have ever anticipated. In 2004, RuneScape […]


Jagex To Shut Down RuneScape Classic

After seventeen years of existence, Jagex today made the surprising announcement that its flagship title RuneScape Classic will shut down over the next few months. Posted on the official website, Jagex’s explanation for the sunset is related to advancing technology making it more difficult to properly police the game of macros and for community safety. […]

World of Warcraft Classic Takes Azeroth Back to the Past

Winter is coming, but this year’s Blizzcon has brought with it a much anticipated and long demanded announcement from Blizzard: Years of players asking for classic World of Warcraft servers has finally heeded an answer and that answer is yes. According to an article by PC Gamer, the Classic World of Warcraft server will be […]

Jagex Responds To Old School Ban Controversy

Old School RuneScape’s Community Manager took to the game’s subreddit today to address a controversy that sparkedĀ up over a number of accounts getting banned overnight for alleged harassment of a popular streamer. According to player allegations, people were banned for the simple act of standing near the streamer while playing emotes. The story Jagex is […]

[Community] The Demand For Legacy Servers

Free servers are the MMO equivalent of regular game piracy, they’re likely never going to fully go away and developers have different approaches on how to deal with them. The gaming community is split on how private servers should be regarded, and there are plenty of legitimate and illegitimate reasons for their existence. If Nostalrius […]

RuneScape Classic Open To All Again

In celebration of RuneScape’s 15th birthday, Jagex has once again made the oldest iteration of the game available to the public. Starting today and running through mid-March, players can log in and secure themselves indefinite access to the classic servers with all of their old school glory. Your account from RuneScape won’t transfer over, so […]

Lessons From 2013 #2: Triumph of Old School

You can only hope that other developers are paying attention to Jagex. This year marked the announcement and launch of RuneScape’s Old School server, a separate service that originally launched as a snapshot of the MMO way back from August 2007, but has since evolved into its own game entirely. Updates are based entirely off […]

Jagex Allows Vote For OldScape: Revive RuneScape From Aug ’07

Would you pay $15 a month for access to classic RuneScape? No not that far back, we’re talking 2007’ish, before the original trade restrictions were put into place. Well do I have news for you. In a blog post on the RuneScape official website today, Jagex has outlined plans to release a snapshot version of […]