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SOE Shutting Down Four MMOs

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that four of their MMOs will be shut down later this year: Wizardry Online, Free Realms, Vanguard, and Clone Wars Adventures. Free Realms and Clone Wars are set to shut down March 31st with Wizardry and Vanguard following on July 31st. Sony attributes the sunsetting of Free Realms and Clone […]


Sony Station Offline Today Pending Investigation

Good morning, folks. Those of you attempting to log into any of Sony Online Entertainment’s games may be asking yourself, “why can’t I log into my favorite SOE game?” or “why am I asking a non-Sony blog why their services are offline?” Of course those of you who came here before checking Sony’s website will […]

Clone Wars Adventures Confirmation Confirmed

It felt like years ago that I originally wrote about an upcoming Star Wars: Clone Wars MMO, namely because it was way back in September 2009. Earlier this year in Feburary, I posted the above image that quite a number of people received on their Station Pass adverts, and was blasted on a few forums […]