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Lord of the Rings Online Server Mergers Coming

As part of Turbine’s list of updates going live this summer, Lord of the Rings Online will see a number of worlds shuttered with players given the opportunity to transfer their characters and guilds. Updates to the data centers will allow character transfers from inside the game client rather than on the website, as well […]


Dynasty Warriors Online Shutting Down

Dynasty Warriors Online is the MMO adaptation of the long running hack and slash, and if you didn’t know it existed, well you understand why it is shutting down. Aeria Games posted a notice that the servers will close on January 10th, at around 8pm eastern.¬†Any AP spent from today onward will be rebated back […]

Archlord Shutting Down In January

Archlord is one of those games whose history I have found difficult to track. This MMO began under Codemasters way back in 2005, launching to pretty low reviews before it went free to play and ultimately shut down in 2009. Webzen, who published Archlord in other territories, took on the role of global publisher. At […]

Top Warning Signs Your MMO Is In Trouble

Part of MMO Fallout deals with the harsh reality of the current market: There are too many MMOs currently competing for players, and even more hit the market each day. For every MMO that dies here at MMO Fallout, another three or four take its place! Considering that MMOs are still releasing under the $50-60 […]

Warhammer Loses Another Server: Drakenwald Closing

As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain an active, competitive, and engaging experience in WAR we have decided to open free transfers for players to specific servers. WAR, more than many games, only gets better with more people. These transfers will enable players to experience more action during all hours whether fighting in scenarios […]