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[VIDEO] Secret World Legends’ New Combat System

The latest video from Secret World Legends is out, showcasing how the reticle-based combat will function and giving a sneak peek into new weapon mechanics. Secret World Legends opens to the public on June 26. As far as changes go, combat is shaping up to be the most dramatic shift from the current Secret World […]


Watch: Black Desert Online Naval Update

Kakao Games has shown a glimpse of the exciting upcoming naval content that will be added to Black Desert Online in Q4 of this year. This free expansion will raise the bar of what is possible in current day MMORPGs. The update will expand the already massive world of Black Desert and introduce new gameplay […]

Gloria Victis Balances Combat

Gloria Victis is tweaking combat once again, this week shortening the distance between new and experienced players. Players will find upon logging in that weapon damage has been adjusted as well as health scaling and passive abilities to ensure that higher level players won’t just roll over fresh accounts. Other aspects of the game have […]

Deadman Polling Death/Combat Changes

Jagex has announced that notable changes to Deadman mode will be coming in a future content poll.┬áThe latest developer diary details a number of content additions to be added in the upcoming player poll, including additions and tweaks to the recently released Zeah continent. Among the changes, however, are two key tweaks for Deadman Mode […]

Line of Defense Combat Phase 1 Coming Tomorrow

3000AD has announced that Line of Defense’s first combat phase will hit the servers beginning tomorrow, February 25th. The update will unlock assault rifles, pistols, combat knives, and melee, with players receiving a random item from each class upon spawning into the world. Phase 1 (of 6 planned phases which unlock various weapons, items etc) […]

RuneScape Legacy Mode Detailed

Back in February, Jagex revealed details on the upcoming Legacy Mode for RuneScape, aiming to bring back players who weren’t happy with the Evolution of Combat update. Legacy Mode allows players to enjoy the modern RuneScape with much of the old systems still in place, including bringing back the old combat system and special attacks. […]

Preview Upcoming RuneScape Combat Update

The beta for RuneScape’s upcoming combat change is just a few weeks away, but you can get a short preview by watching the above video. The combat preview starts about one and a half minutes into the video, and does not show any of the new interfaces or the combat ability bar, but does showcase […]

Summer 2012: Beta Test New RuneScape Combat System

Remember that major combat overhaul I’ve been talking about? Earlier this month, Jagex’s Mark Gerhard revealed that the update is coming late in the summer. In fact, the update is going to be such a significant change to RuneScape, the largest since RuneScape made a major engine update in 2004, that Jagex has seen fit […]