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Daybreak Ignores Everquest Ragefire Vote

When it comes to Everquest and time-locked servers, polls ensure that the servers only progress as fast at the community wants them to. For Ragefire/Lockjaw, the latest set of progression servers, players voted┬áby a very large percentage in order to keep the servers as they are for another six months, with the second most popular […]


Arenanet Responds To Expansion Criticism

In response to recent criticism over the handling of Heart of Thorns, Arenanet has posted a comprehensive compensation and refund policy. For veteran players, Arenanet is offering a free character slot to anyone who owns the base game and pre-orders the Heart of Thorns expansion and registers it prior to launch. The announcement that Heart […]

[Community] Let’s Call A Merger A Merger

Originally I intended this week’s Community column to be speculation about how Trion Worlds would handle ArcheAge’s upcoming server merge, given that the plans are still in the conceptual stage and any real action that will be taken is still months down the line. To fuel speculation, I looked at how server mergers were handled […]

[Community] Are Boxers Harshing Your Ragefire Buzz?

(Community is a weekly column discussing ongoing events in various MMOs. Agree or disagree, we’d like to hear what you think in the comments below.) Everquest’s Ragefire progression server has been up for less than a week, actually it’s been up for about four days, but if you’ve been trying to make headway in the […]

[Community] Do You Take Part In Month-Long Events?

RuneScape is eleven days into its May roadtrip, and the hardcore among you are no doubt already finished and reaping the benefits. As has become a tradition, the month of May means the RuneScape Road Trip. Players are given a booklet with a set of 20 tasks that can be completed once per day, with […]

[Community] The Despicable DDoS

  If I had a nickel for every time some individual or group launched a denial of service attack against a website or service that they didn’t like, I would put those nickels in a sock and use it to beat them unconscious. I’m old enough to remember a time when DDoS attacks were much […]

[Community] Is Ragnarok Online 2 Pay To Win?

Does Ragnarok Online 2 have a pay to win system? I’ve asked around about this and the best answer I’ve been able to come up with is “in a sense, yes, but nothing drastic.” I ask this because Ragnarok features a VIP system, similar to that found in games like Age of Wushu, where players […]

[Community] Must We Threaten To Sue Over Everything?

As you all know, The Secret World went Buy-to-Play, dropping the required subscription in return for giving subscribers more perks and allowing the unwashed masses to play (and presumably spend some cash in the cash shop) by simply picking up the box copy. Like any other town with a bridge to live under, there is […]