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Bless Online Is A Mess Online; Neowiz Apologizes, Compensates Players

Bless Online launched into early access this week and the launch was a bit of a mess. Between server lag, outages, maintenance, and the existence of a rather treacherous item dupe exploit, players were up in arms with some demanding refunds for their founder’s pack purchases. In response, Neowiz posted an apology, promising fixes and […]

Trion Worlds Compensates (Again) Players For ArcheAge Downtime (Again)

At some point the news will just revert to posting articles when ArcheAge goes a full month without having any server issues or lengthy downtime. Until then, we will be here to report on every time players are offered their regular stipend of compensation. ArcheAge’s recent downtime, not to be confused with the downtime last […]

Grab Your Compensation Packs In ArcheAge

It’s a regular day in the neighborhood as Trion Worlds is once again apologizing for a bad launch bringing its servers down for a very long period of time. If you logged into the fresh start, or even the legacy servers, over the past couple of weeks, you are entitled to a list of freebies […]

Shanda Games In Severe Damage Control After Losing Two Years Of Data

Shanda Games is performing serious PR damage control after a “severe technical failure” resulted in two years worth of data being lost in their MMO Dragon Nest. While characters, gold, DNP, and AC are still intact, virtually everything else has been lost. The good news is, according to the news post, Shanda is capable of […]

Log Into Trove For A Free Class This Weekend

To compensate players for recent downtime, Trion Worlds is handing out another free class coin to anyone who logs in between now and midnight Pacific Sunday night. The downtime stemmed from a seemingly simple database upgrade that went awry, forcing the game offline for several hours and requiring that Trion rollback the servers to earlier […]

Trion Worlds Details ArcheAge Downtime Compensation

Trion Worlds has posted a news piece detailing upcoming compensation for ArcheAge players following recent extended periods of downtime and instability with the game’s service. All players who have “ever been a patron” will receive a Patron pack including five days of patron time, 15 Superior Worker’s Compensation potions, 30 loyalty tokens, three Greedy Goblin […]

Lost GTA Online Characters Are Gone For Good

Last week saw a patch roll out for Grand Theft Auto Online to fix a rather nasty bug resulting in characters not being displayed. When the bug first popped up, Rockstar acted quickly and warned users not to create new characters in the missing slots. In a followup comment posted just a few days ago, […]

Trion Hands Out Compensation For Defiance

It’s been a rough week for Defiance players, from server downtime to a treasure trove of patches being churned out on the consoles to fix stability problems. People were missing keys, others didn’t receive pre-order items, and or had to wait a very long time for their patcher to download the game. Trion is aware […]

Wizardry Online Compensates For Issues

Wizardry Online is live and, for some at least, kicking. For others, however, their experience has been hampered by technical issues. Sony Online Entertainment has posted a notice that players will be compensated for downtime. At SOE, we strive to provide the best possible service at all times. Our engineers have been working tirelessly to […]

Community Concerns: How Should Security Be Rated?

In case you hadn’t noticed, Week in Review (much like Month in Review before it) is going the way of the dodo. I’d rather utilize my Sundays to discuss more meaningful topics to MMO Fallout than the metaphorical digging from the trash bin I did in past months. I always have something in the works […]

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