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Lessons From 2013 #4: Threats From Devs

Despite some of the criticisms I make here at MMO Fallout, I have a decent relationship with¬†most developers that I talk about. I don’t water down my editorials and for the most part they are fully aware that anything negative is said with the best of intentions. That out of the way, MMO Fallout has […]


World War II Online Greenlit On Steam

World War II Online: Battleground Europe has been greenlit by Valve. Battleground Europe joins the ranks of 25 games approved for release on September 18th, and while we won’t actually see the game show up on the Steam platform for a while, the gears are already in motion. Thank you to all of our fans […]

WWII Online Removed From By Cornered Rat Software

You may not have noticed that World War II Online suddenly went missing from earlier today. The main game page for WWII Online and the forum directory became¬†inaccessible, although threads were not deleted and can still be reached and posted in with direct links. The removal came with no immediate comment by either […]

[Community Concerns] Antwerp And Emergency Maintenance

Welcome to another edition of Community Concerns, a weekly editorial that looks at specific issues affecting various MMOs. Most of our topics are submitted by readers and (for one reason or another) rely mainly on player testimony. Battleground Europe continues to rage on with a small yet very passionate and vocal community. World War 2 […]