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The Division 2 Joins Twitch Rewards Starting Now

The Division 2 is the latest game to join the Twitch Prime reward factory, and you can get your hands on the first round of goodies starting as early as now. Over the course of the next few months, Twitch Prime members will be able to redeem a series of four apparel sets and a […]

Bad Press: The Internet Falls For Another Con Artist [Fortnite Edition]

The internet has a such a vibrant imagination. For those of you healthy adults who don’t follow Fortnite news, Epic yesterday was accused of stealing artwork and using it as a cosmetic costume in their battle royale shooter. The tweet highlighting the claim showcased a Deviant Art user’s creation submitted September 2018 compared to the […]

TERA Korea Patch Adds In Cosmetic Cash Shop

Ahoy, TERAns! The great part of being on the lower end of the development scale is that kTERA gets all of the updates before we do here in the West. On one hand this does annoy a certain portion of the base who see the developer playing favorites, but on the other hand you might […]

Guild Wars 2 Opens Door For Non-Cosmetic Cash Shop

By now, I hope that I don’t have to lecture any of you on how important wording is in this industry. When Realtime Worlds said that they had no intention of shutting down All Points Bulletin, they didn’t factor in the results of their ongoing chapter 11 bankruptcy forcing the game to shut down. When […]

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