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Tyler Barriss Officially Sentenced to 20 Years In Prison

Californian Tyler Barriss has been officially sentenced to 20 years in prison for making fraudulent 911 calls, including one that lead to the shooting death of 28 year old Wichita resident Andrew Thomas Finch. Barriss, 26, was arrested following his admission of placing a phone call alerting authorities to a hostage situation in Wichita, Kansas. […]

Forget Civil Court, Tencent Is Sending PUBG Cheaters To Prison

We’ve seen a lot of discussion about the morality of Epic Games suing people, including minors, for advertising their cheats in Fortnite, but while court-enforced injunctions may prevent some cheat makers from re-offending, Tencent over in China is taking a different approach; they’re getting law enforcement involved. According to a report out of Bloomberg, Tencent […]

Former Funcom Execs Sentenced To Prison Term In Fraud Investigation

While Kingdoms of Amalur may take the title of the game that Rhode Island paid for, The Secret World will go down as one of the few games to result in criminal convictions. We’ve been covering on and off the tribulations of Funcom’s former executives who have been under investigation since the launch of The […]

Sacramento Man Arrested For Death Threats Toward Blizzard

It goes without saying that sending death threats for any reason is generally a bad idea. You don’t accomplish anything, you waste everyone’s time, and as one Sacramento man found out, it can get you arrested. Stephen Cebula, 28, is facing criminal charges over death threats that he allegedly sent to Blizzard’s offices, threatening to show […]

Sharing Your RuneScape Account May Be Criminal

Sharing your RuneScape account is risky, but could it be criminal? Technically, probably. Is Jagex going to sue you for sharing your pure defense rush account with your friend on the other side of town? Well, they did once try to sue players for cheating. Who knows? The premise of the lawsuit is such: David Nosal was […]

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