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Star Trek Online Wholly Ditches The Subscription

Star Trek Online is about to go free-er to play, with the announcement that subscriptions are going away and being replaced with a starter pack. While existing subscribers will be able to continue as usual, new players will not be able to sign up for a monthly subscription and will instead be directed to park […]


Star Trek Online Season 13.5: Escape From Prison

Star Trek Online is launching its mid-season update to season 13. Live today and coming soon to PS4 and Xbox, Escalation reunites players with General Rodek (voiced by Tony Todd) who joins our heroes as they enact a search and rescue mission for none other than the Klingon General Martok (voiced by J.G. Hertzler who […]

Protector’s Jubilee Returns To Neverwinter: New Rewards/Events

It’s back! Like the McRib, the Protector’s Jubilee only comes around once every so often to the delight of its audience. While Neverwinter’s event may not be glazed in barbecue sauce, it does offer a host of freebies and sales during the week long event. Beginning Tuesday and running through June 26, players will be […]

Perfect World/Cryptic Announce Magic: The Gathering MMORPG

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced that an MMORPG based on Magic: The Gathering is coming to PC and consoles. The announcement comes directly from Cryptic Studios, and while there isn’t much in the way of details (those are coming later), the developer did announce that the game is being built from the […]

Neverwinter VIP: $10 A Month For $37 Worth Of Keys

Perfect World Entertainment has released details on an upcoming subscription system for Neverwinter. Dubbed VIP, the subscription plan acts as both a membership and running loyalty program at the same time in that it levels up the longer a player subscribes and offers more bonuses as the months progress. To top it off, you don’t […]

Neverwinter: Leadership Suspension Hasn’t Led To In-Game Botting

I’ve talked about Neverwinter’s Gateway app, a handy tool where players can level up their crafting professions even while not in-game. Unfortunately the ease of access means that the professions tab can be used by bots to mass-produce astral diamonds via the leadership profession, which is exactly what bots have been doing in Neverwinter: Using […]

Neverwinter Previews Upcoming Event

Cryptic Studios has detailed the next big event to hit Neverwinter. Currently embroiled in an ongoing war against the Dragon Cult, this week’s event sees Neverwinter under siege yet again by the forces of evil. The event ties into the latest campaign, Tyranny of Dragons. With this Siege of Neverwinter event will come the chance […]

MMOrning Shots: No Man Has Gone

For today’s MMOrning Shot, I figured that I would continue the trend by showcasing some of the earliest screenshots that we have of certain games. In this case, you’re looking at Star Trek Online sometime around early 2009. If you look closely, you can see that the captain is wearing pajama pants.

Cryptic Opens Studio To Polish Champions Online

Better late than never, I suppose. Champions Online is a game that, despite its potential, has seen some neglect over the years. The game has been subject to a number of updates over the years that are either never fully realized or have spent their lives in a perpetual prototype or broken state. It appears […]

Neverwinter Unveils Caturday, Gift Pack For Players

As many of you are aware, Neverwinter suffered a fair bit of downtime this weekend thanks to the mass abuse of a bug allowing players to duplicate Astral Diamonds using the auction house. While originally stating that non-cheating characters would not be affected overall, Perfect World had decided to perform a rollback to early Saturday […]