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Fight For The Crown: $300k H1Z1 Tournament Coming

Daybreak Game Company has announced that the next big tournament for H1Z1: King of the Kill with a prize pool of three hundred grand for those willing to throw their hat into the ring. The tournament comes alongside a documentary on eSports to be aired on the CW, culminating in the 75-person tournament. First prize […]

DC Universe: Buy Your Legendary Set, Get The Rest 50% Off

So you’ve finally hit the maximum level and grinded your read end off to get that fancy legendary gear you need so your character can best even the most deadly of adversaries. Now what? You could start up another character but do you really want to go through that arduous process of grinding gear again? And then […]

Skip To 100 in DC Universe Online

If you want to catch up on DC Universe’s content, now is the time to do it. Starting now and running through the end of the month, you’ll be able to advance a character to combat rating 100, bringing you up to speed on the past six years of content. So, what is Advance to […]

DC Universe Celebrates Sixth Anniversary

As incredible as it may sound, DC Universe Online has been around for six years, and is planning on kicking off a new year with plenty of anniversary celebrations. As part of the event, players travel to a new version of Metropolis in order to fight off a Qwaridian invasion from another universe. The event […]

Pixelmage Games Closing, Hero’s Song Shutting Down

Following its Indiegogo campaign failing to draw in half of the intended goal, Pixelmage Games has announced the cancellation of Hero’s Song and the closure of the studio itself. Players who funded the game on Indiegogo and Steam can receive refunds either through Steam or by contacting Pixelmage at the address on the official website. […]

DC Universe Online Focuses on 2017 Updates

Daybreak Game Company has released their outward look for 2017 for DC Universe Online, and the content is looking pretty fancy. To end off the year, Daybreak will once again have an open episode period, allowing players to access (virtually) all episodes regardless of membership or content ownership. Next year’s updates will include large content […]

Daybreak Game Company Might Have A New Game Coming

Daybreak Game Company appears to be working on a new title, a large scale FPS that might be named Mythwarden. According to a number of sleuths folks on Reddit, Daybreak has opened a position for Senior Game Designer, specifically to implement core systems into a large scale FPS game. Other eyes have noticed that Daybreak has […]

Daybreak Game Company Promises Support For H1Z1: Just Survive

Ever since Daybreak Game Company split H1Z1 into its two parts, players of the environmentally focused Just Survive have grown pretty frustrated over a perceived lack of support. It wouldn’t surprise many to hear that King of the Kill has been receiving the bulk of DGC’s attention, especially when you consider that the game draws […]

Daybreak Continues Shrinking: Cutting Cash Cards

The continued shrinking of Daybreak Game Company, formerly Sony Online Entertainment, continues today with the announcement that the company’s cash cards will no longer be sold in stores this year. According to the post, there are no plans to bring back said cash cards in the foreseeable future. The details of the plan are a […]

Down The Line, Where Does H1Z1 Stand?

Earlier this year, Daybreak Game Company announced that they would be splitting off H1Z1 into two separate games: King of the Kill and Just Survive. Since February, the games have been operating as two separate products leading myself and some others to ask: How have they fared? Looking at the statistics, it’s safe to say […]