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Denial of Service: US Judge Sentences Warcraft DDoS Attacker To Prison

The odds of getting caught while firing off denial of service attacks against corporate servers may be low, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the act is any less criminal. Romanian citizen Calin Mateias found that lesson out the hard way when a judge issued a one year prison sentence and $30,000 in […]


[Community] Mob Mentality, Jason Vorhees, and Website Policy

For this week’s Community article, I’d like to bring up as subject that has been discussed to death over the past few years yet still remains a pervasive issue in not just the gaming community, but virtually every aspect of human life especially when the internet is concerned: Mob mentality and the internet’s ever populous […]

Daybreak Servers Slammed by DDOS Attack

We are aware of current connectivity issues and are working to resolve them. Thanks for your patience. — Daybreak Games (@DaybreakGames) December 30, 2015 If you’re looking to play any of Daybreak’s games, you might want to take the night off. At the moment, Daybreaks game servers and their websites are experiencing major connection issues which […]

John Smedley Quits Twitter After Argument Leads to DDOS, Threats

John Smedley has quit Twitter, an announcement that will have a good portion of Daybreak’s communities giving a sigh of relief. Responding to a thread on Reddit over his account suddenly going dark, Smedley confirmed that he is walking away from the social media platform. I really love making games. It makes me happy. I […]

Top 5: Most Disappointing Moments of the Year

With the year coming to an end, it’s time to start taking stories and sticking them into categories. Since I’m a well known optimist, I decided to start this month’s lists off with a look at the year’s greatest disappointments. Since a lot of what constitutes a “disappointment” is subjective, I ignored specific news pieces […]

Wildstar Early Access Hammered By DDOS

With players piling into Wildstar’s servers for early access, what more could a developer possibly ask for? A denial of service attack, apparently. Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney posted on the game’s Reddit to confirm that the servers were under attack and that it was being handled. Since then the servers have come back to normal. […]

[Community] The Despicable DDoS

  If I had a nickel for every time some individual or group launched a denial of service attack against a website or service that they didn’t like, I would put those nickels in a sock and use it to beat them unconscious. I’m old enough to remember a time when DDoS attacks were much […]

RuneScape’s Services Disrupted By Denial of Service Attacks

  Distributed Denial of Service Attacks are an ever-increasing problem over all sectors of the internet. What was once a rare occurrence has become nearly commonplace with many medium to large services. Most recently, the Extra Life charity event was brought down temporarily due to a denial of service attack. Google has launched Project Shield, […]

50,000 Skill Points Gifted By CCP Due To Downtime

So the issue of Eve Online’s servers being hit by a DDoS attack and brought offline for extended maintenance has been fixed, and players are once again flying through space and shooting each other to death. With the attacks behind them and security teams working on new methods to protect the servers, CCP has turned […]

Eve Online and DUST514 Hit By DDoS Attack

CCP has taken down the Tranquility server cluster after a sustained denial of service attack early this morning GMT time. CCP’s task force was mobilized and suggested keeping the servers offline for further investigation. As of this writing, the Tranquility servers are still offline. While we initially reopened EVE Online and DUST 514, we have […]