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[NM] Demo Impressions: Prey

(Editor’s Note: All screenshots from Playstation 4) The date, March 15 2032. The place, my apartment. I am Morgan, waking up to start my first day at a new job at the TranStar Testing Facility. After fiddling around with a few things in the apartment, I grab my suit and head to the roof where […]

Eve Online Introducing Unlimited Trials

Eve Online is going free to play! Well, not really. While other websites are heralding today’s news as the coming of free to play for the 13 year old MMO, the term doesn’t entirely fit the package. What Eve Online is receiving is more akin to the unlimited trials that we saw in subscription games […]

Our Thoughts: TERA Gaikai

TERA is 50 gigabytes. That is as many as five tens and that is terrible. For some, fifty gigabytes may be too much of an investment in terms of bandwidth or time to give TERA’s seven day trial a go. Luckily this is where Gaikai comes in. Founded in 2008, Gaikai is an online cloud-based […]

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