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MMOrning Shots: Destiny

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Destiny, the latest title to be released on both Playstation and Xbox consoles. MMO Fallout is currently working on an MMOments article, which is being worked on as we speak and should be out in a day or so. Until then, enjoy this screenshot a guy at a […]


Destiny Most Pre-Ordered New IP

While much of the world waits in anticipation for Destiny, Activision is already showing off their trophies. In a statement released today, Activision has declared Destiny as the most pre-ordered new IP in history. Exact numbers have not been detailed, but we know that the game has had a massive response with 4.6 million users […]

Destiny Won’t Allow Trading

During their latest Q&A session, Bungie answered one player’s question on whether or not trading would be allowed in Destiny. Short answer? No. Bungie wants you to earn your weapons. As for swapping irons in the Tower? Nope. We want you to earn ‘em. You should be able to tell a badass story for every […]

Beta Perspective: Destiny on PS4

Aren’t pre-order betas great? You throw $5 (refundable) down at Gamestop and, in return, you get what can nearly be called a preview copy of your game to play and figure out if it’s going to be worth buying. Where else can you get that kind of preview, apart from perhaps every other form of […]

Destiny Beta July 17th

With the launch of Destiny months away, Bungie has revealed more information regarding upcoming betas and content releases. Destiny’s next beta event will go live on July 17th for Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 owners, with the Xbox One and 360 following on July 23rd. Servers will go offline between the 21st and 22nd for […]

MMOrning Shots: It’s Destiny

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Bungie, more specifically their upcoming shooter Destiny. You can check out the open alpha or pre-order to get into the open beta starting next month. Pre-order MMOrning Shots every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.