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Trion Worlds To Sunset Devilian Following Developer Abandonment

It’s a tale as old as time. Developer abandons property and leaves publisher with no avenue to fix game issues or develop further content, and game eventually shuts down due to lack of ability to support itself. In this case, Bluehole Ginno was in charge of handling the further development of Devilian promptly abandoned the […]


Trion Worlds Loses Two, Not A Layoff

Trion Worlds has confirmed that the recent loss of two employees is not related to rumors of a layoff, which did not happen. Instead, Defiance/Devilian community manager Sarah “Kiwibird” Walters and a presently unknown member of Trion Worlds left of their own volition. In response, other community managers are stepping up their involvement with players, […]

Trion Introduces $20 Early Access Pack, Bumps Existing Packages

If you’re looking to buy into Devilian but don’t want to shell out the minimum $50, Trion Worlds has a new package for you. Available as of yesterday, the base Devilian package now costs $20 and includes beta access, a two day head start, a corgi companion that comes with extra inventory slots, fifteen days […]

Get Trove/Devilian Goodies In This Week’s Humble Bundle

Trion Worlds is taking part in the latest Humble Weekly Bundle with a few goodies for two of their games. For this week and this week only, you can get your hands on the Humble Extra Life bundle for Trion’s upcoming ARPG Devilian. The package includes access to all Devilian beta events as well as […]