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PSA: Alan Wake Is Disappearing, Get It Now 90% Off

Alan Wake is being put to bed permanently, so if you want to get your hands on the 2012 title, now may be your last chance. Originally released in 2012, Alan Wake’s developer/publisher Remedy Entertainment has hit a snag; their license on some of the music in the game is expiring. As a result, the […]

[NM] Payday 2 Announces Ethan & Hila Content Pack

Overkill Software announced this week that they will be consolidating Payday 2’s DLC into one Ultimate Edition package, consolidating dozens of heists, characters, weapons, and more into one purchase. As part of the update, Overkill also announced the release of an Ethan and Hila character pack, incorporating two popular Youtubers from the channel H3H3 Productions. […]

Bungie Apologizes For PR Mishap, Promises Change

Bungie is in the middle of dealing with a PR fallout this week, first from customer backlash over how Bungie handled the collector’s edition of the Taken King DLC, to an interview with Eurogamer in which the company has been accused of disrespecting its longtime customers. Luke Smith, creative director at Bungie, has apologized for […]

MMOments: Defiance DLC #5

Arktech Revolution is the fifth and final DLC installment for Defiance’s first season pass, and one that I welcome with open arms. It’s been a month since this DLC launched and a few people speculated that the sudden lack of a review here at MMO Fallout was me signaling that I was done with the […]

Arktech Revolution DLC Announced

Trion Worlds has announced the fifth DLC pack for Defiance, Arktech Revolution, which seems to be aimed at improving quality of life features in the MMO shooter. Set for release this April, Arktech Revolution will see an increase to both the EGO rank cap and point cap, as well as the introduction of new perks […]

Defiance Unveils Gunslinger Trials DLC

Trion Worlds revealed Defiance’s next DLC pack: Gunslinger Trials, and if you haven’t finished the campaign or season 1 and don’t want to see any spoilers, skip the next paragraph. Set for release in March on PC, PS3, and Xbox360, Gunslinger Trials will include three new mission lines, nine new cooperative arenas, and will also […]

Defiance Third DLC Coming February

Trion Worlds has announced the next set of DLC for Defiance will be coming this February. No details have been released other than the following snippet and the name of the DLC: The 7th Legion. When the world fell apart, one group kept their courage. Guided by the teachings of the Code of Bushido, the […]

Impressions: Defiance Arkbreaker

I managed to get some time in playing through the Arkbreaker DLC for Defiance, and I came out less disappointed than the Castithan pack DLC. I had a hard time completing the first DLC arenas┬ábecause the timers were randomly breaking at launch, and I believe still are to this day. The Arkbreaker DLC introduces a […]

Defiance’s First DLC Coming August 20th

Trion is finally ready to release the first content pack for Defiance. Officially launching on August 20th, Catithan Charge Pack is Defiance’s first paid content update, available for individual purchase or via the season pass. Players who buy the pack will have access to the Castithan race, either by creating a new character or changing […]

Jagged Alliance Online’s Steamy Success

Jagged Alliance Online recently launched on Steam, and suffice to say the guys over at Cliffhanger Productions are very happy with the results. In a press release sent out today, Cliffhanger Productions noted that in the three weeks since its launch, Jagged Alliance Online has skyrocketed into the top five most popular DLC products on […]