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Warner Bros. Says It Won’t Profit Off Shadow of War DLC

Warner Bros. has spent the last week on the receiving end of some flack after the announcement that upcoming title Shadow of War would include a memorial to a deceased Monolith employee in the form of paid DLC. Some have accused the company of profiting off of the death of one of its employees. Forthog […]


Twitch Troll Loses Fifty Grand

You’ve got to pay the troll toll. Twitch has opened up new lifelines for online personalities over the past couple of years, with many making a fair amount of their income with those at the top living pretty lavishly off of subscriptions and donations. In fact, the service has become such a platform that one […]

Carbine Studios Donates To Child’s Play

This year at PAX East, Carbine Studios has announced a special donation to Child’s Play. In addition to a comically sized check for ten thousand dollars, Carbine Studios has partnered with LEGO artist Mariann Asanuma to recreate the Wildstar rocket house in all of its blocky glory. The structure stands three feet high and four […]

Star Vault Accepting Donations In Return For Perks

It’s been a while since Star Vault released Mortal Online’s latest expansion, Awakening. While current development focus is aimed directly at squashing the numerous problematic bugs that have caused problems, John VanderZwet has posted an update on the Mortal Online website to detail some upcoming changes, including a donation system set up on the request […]

WoW: $1.9 Million To Japan Relief

Lods of emone! When Blizzard releases a new pet on the cash shop, you can bet that the GDP of a small island nation will find its way into the World of Warcraft coffers by the end of the month. Even better so, when 100% of the cost is for charity, at least you’ll have […]

Hello Kitty Online: No, THIS Is How You Charity

Hello Kitty Online has a proposition: How would you like to donate money to charity by playing video games, and by video games I mean Hello Kitty Online? If you answered yes, then do I have the deal for you! In Hello Kitty Online, a special drive is going up next week in the form […]