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LOTRO/DDO Maintenance Extends Into Day 3

Both Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online are entering their third day of maintenance as maintenance on both game’s data centers has hit a bit of a snafu. Both games were taken down for maintenance on March 6, however it became apparent during that maintenance that there were more issues than […]

Bless Online Is A Mess Online; Neowiz Apologizes, Compensates Players

Bless Online launched into early access this week and the launch was a bit of a mess. Between server lag, outages, maintenance, and the existence of a rather treacherous item dupe exploit, players were up in arms with some demanding refunds for their founder’s pack purchases. In response, Neowiz posted an apology, promising fixes and […]

Trion Worlds Compensates (Again) Players For ArcheAge Downtime (Again)

At some point the news will just revert to posting articles when ArcheAge goes a full month without having any server issues or lengthy downtime. Until then, we will be here to report on every time players are offered their regular stipend of compensation. ArcheAge’s recent downtime, not to be confused with the downtime last […]

Firefall Disappears From Steam After Downtime

Firefall is still missing from Steam following a period of downtime, although the game is still running and people are still playing. While Red5 Studios has yet to make a statement on why the game was removed, only to state that it is expected to come back in the next couple of days, speculation is […]

Trove To Take Two Days Off, Upgrade Servers

Who’s to say that MMOs shouldn’t get a nice two day weekend every few years? If you’ve been playing Trove recently, you are likely well acquainted with the ongoing server issues. The issue, naturally, is that the game has grown too large in scope for the current hardware to handle, with player clubs particularly outgrowing […]

Log Into Trove For A Free Class This Weekend

To compensate players for recent downtime, Trion Worlds is handing out another free class coin to anyone who logs in between now and midnight Pacific Sunday night. The downtime stemmed from a seemingly simple database upgrade that went awry, forcing the game offline for several hours and requiring that Trion rollback the servers to earlier […]

Tomorrow’s PSN Downtime Was Exaggerated

You may have read that on tomorrow, May 11th, the Playstation Network will be down for nearly ten hours for maintenance. The Playstation network status page originally had Monday’s maintenance scheduled to begin at 10:30pm EST on May 11th and run until 8am EST on May 12th. Well that isn’t happening anymore. The new maintenance […]

Trion Worlds Details ArcheAge Downtime Compensation

Trion Worlds has posted a news piece detailing upcoming compensation for ArcheAge players following recent extended periods of downtime and instability with the game’s service. All players who have “ever been a patron” will receive a Patron pack including five days of patron time, 15 Superior Worker’s Compensation potions, 30 loyalty tokens, three Greedy Goblin […]

Neverwinter’s Double Diamond Dash Dismantles D’Servers

As a critic, I can’t get enough of the action combat and battling against iconic creatures from Dungeons & Dragons. As a fan, I’m creating many quests and campaigns with the foundry. As a reader, you probably figured out a long time ago that I’m reading from the news page. Cryptic Studios recently announced that […]

Trion Hands Out Compensation For Defiance

It’s been a rough week for Defiance players, from server downtime to a treasure trove of patches being churned out on the consoles to fix stability problems. People were missing keys, others didn’t receive pre-order items, and or had to wait a very long time for their patcher to download the game. Trion is aware […]

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