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Drakensang Relates To Diablo III and Torchlight 2

Bigpoint’s dungeon crawler Drakensang Online doesn’t just have the big mouth of its developer to back it up, it drives around in its Lamborghini waving around the wad of dosh to anyone willing to take a glance. I took a look at the game back in February and found it to be an enjoyable game despite […]


Why Aren’t You Playing: Drakensang Online

[Addendum: I mistakenly stated that Drakensang Online was built on the Unity Platform. This was incorrect, it is built off of Bigpoint’s Nebula3 engine.] Drakensang Online is a straight up isometric dungeon crawler, ala Diablo, and for me that is enough of a reason to at least pick the game up and give it a […]