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[Not Massive] Preview: Ion Maiden Plugs Old School Into New School

Ion Storm is the perfect level of ridiculous to be almost believable. Imagine for a moment that in 2018 I’m trying to tell you that 3D Realms is not only releasing a new game, but it is a first person shooter on the Build Engine starring a character who is essentially Duke Nukem’s lady alternate. […]


PSA: Wild Buster, How To Unlock Duke/Sam, Turn Off Annoying Voices

Wild Buster launched today, and there seems to be some confusion on how Founders can unlock Duke Nukem and Serious Sam, or any of their founders items for that matter. Create a Wild Commando (Sam) or Titan Trooper character (Duke). Skip the tutorial because you aren’t five. Go to the Mailbox bot right next to […]

Duke Nukem Licensed Out To MMOARPG Wild Buster

MMOARPG Wild Buster dubs itself a “gritty science fiction hack’n’slash MMORPG” with PvP, PvE, and now apparently Duke Nukem. In an announcement posted today, developer Insel Games announced that the Duke would be joining the roster of heroes. No piracy here, the inclusion of the babe-rescuing, cigar smoking, Ash parody is fully licensed with the […]

[NM] Catching Up With Duke Nukem: 20th Anniversary

Duke Nukem 20th Anniversary Edition is the latest re-release of the popular 1996 first person shooter, released by Gearbox Software¬†with a new episode, audio commentary, and a new weapon. If you consider that the game peaked at a whole 320 users on Steam (estimated 15,000 owners total) and immediately plummeted down to just a few […]

Night Cap: Learning From Duke Nukem 3D

What can the industry learn from Duke Nukem 3D? That’s the question I asked myself as I played through the recently released Duke Nukem: Megaton Edition on Steam. Duke Nukem 3D originally released in 1996 and despite the highly unsuccessful launch of its sequel, stands as one of those games that continues to get ported […]