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LOTRO/DDO Maintenance Extends Into Day 3

Both Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online are entering their third day of maintenance as maintenance on both game’s data centers has hit a bit of a snafu. Both games were taken down for maintenance on March 6, however it became apparent during that maintenance that there were more issues than […]

Daybreak Game Company Is Now Publishing LOTRO, DDO

Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online are no longer under the leadership of Turbine Entertainment. In an unexpected announcement, both development teams have been spun off to form Standing Stone Games. Rather than staying on and acting as publisher, that role will be taken by none other than Daybreak Game Company. […]

Wil Wheaton Guest-DMs Reign of Elemental Evil

Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 25 drops today, bringing with it the Temple of Elemental Evil. The update features voice acting by actor/writer Wil Wheaton, best known for his portrayal of Wesley Crusher in the 1987 television series¬†Star Trek: The Next Generation.¬†Among his more recent work, Wheaton voiced the dialogue for Abraham Lincoln in the […]

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