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Whatever Happened To: The Earthrise Reboot

Earthrise was a sandbox MMORPG that some of you might vaguely recall from many, many years ago. It launched in 2011 under Masthead Studios and could best be described as an unmitigated disaster from the get go. The game just wasn’t good, it offered manual aiming but neither the server or client performance to pull […]

Falling Out #21: Dumpster Diving

If there was ever a title for an MMO that deserved a better life, Earthrise is probably a high contender. I’m actually fairly interested in how the reboot turns out, and not just because I had the pleasure of experiencing the first run around and seeing what was a game with amazing potential be squandered […]

Earthrise Closer To Alpha Launch, Accepting Registration

Earthrise: The game some of you may not have heard of, is back! Well, not at the moment anyway. If you haven’t been paying attention to this or other MMO news sites, Earthrise is a sci-fi sandbox MMO that launched in February 2011 by Bulgarian developer Masthead Studios. Earthrise was panned rather widely in the […]

Earthrise Posts New HTML5 GUI

Let’s talk about the dead coming back to life. Some of you may recall a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, that Earthrise shut down due to a lack of funds to fully bring the game over to a free to play platform. If you don’t remember, just re-read that last […]

Earthrise Is Back: SilentFuture Takes Over

Looks like we haven’t seen the last of Earthrise. SilentFuture announced today that they are taking over the MMO, giving the game a fresh coat of paint and a new skeletal structure, and gearing it up for launch late this year. Interestingly enough, Earthrise will no longer be a post-apocalyptic game, but rather set during […]

Earthrise MMO Is…Back? Countdown Appears On Website

During its short life on earth, Earthrise followed a well known and much feared trajectory of MMOs: Releasing far too early and never gaining a following. Of course it doesn’t help that the game comprised of little more than grinding combat and crafting, coupled with performance issues that drove away much of the user base. […]

Sandboxing: Features, Punishment, And More

I love sandbox MMOs and nothing gives me a better feeling than having a good discussion around what the genre needs to evolve. In the past, I’ve used this website to discuss my discontent with the fact that sandbox MMOs could be so much more but often devolve into random death matches with extensive crafting […]

Earthrise Shutting Down Today For A Better Tomorrow

“We did our best to revive the game in 2011, but the time was not enough to keep up with the user requirements. There is a huge interest in high quality open world sandbox MMORPGs, unfortunately the big publishers do not show any interest in the genre. It is unfortunate that low budget companies like […]

Earthrise Back Online

Attention Earthrise Players: The Earthrise Servers are back on-line, all players are now able to sign in and play the latest build. At this time “Only Previously Registered Players” will have access to enter the game, we will announce when we are ready to start accepting new registrations for Earthrise. After an extended period of downtime, Earthrise […]

Earthrise Servers Have Been Offline Since December 8th

What a poor time to schedule a “Why Aren’t You Playing” article. Due to restructuring of our activities and change of the server location, the Earthrise servers will be going offline for 1 week between 8th of December and 16th of December. During that time you will not be able to login and play the […]

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