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[Column] EA Access Is A Pretty Good Deal

EA Access is a side-service available for Xbox One that trades a subscription for access to numerous Electronic Arts titles. $5 monthly or $30 annually grants access to the EA Vault, a number of full games, and ten hour trials of games that recently released or in many cases haven’t been released yet. There are […]


In Plain English: Bassett V. Electronic Arts

Here at MMO Fallout we take strides to keep you up to date on ongoing litigation, because generally the news only covers the start and the end, but not the years in between or the actual arguments being made. The case of Bassett V. Electronic Arts involves the termination of online services and accusations of […]

Something Big Coming From Origin Today

Something big is coming to Origin today, at least that’s what Electronic Arts would like us to think. The message above was posted on Origin’s Twitter account yesterday, at 5pm. What could it be? If it’s explosive, we’re going to guess something related to Battlefield and On the House. Just saying. (Source: Origin)

Less Massive: Dungeon Keeper Ad Deemed Misleading

A rather notable blow has been struck against the free to play industry, with the removal of a Dungeon Keeper ad on the grounds that it was misleading. The Advertising Standards Agency in the UK looked into a consumer complaint that Electronic Arts was misleadingly advertising Dungeon Keeper as a free to play game while […]

Less Massive: Origin Sale Up To 70% Off

Electronic Arts has announced a giant sale on Origin with prices up to 70% off. The sale runs until June 16th and covers a wide variety of games and DLC packs, including both Titanfall and Battlefield 4 for 50% off their regular price. You can even get The Secret World for 50% off, so what […]

Wrath of Heroes To Shut Down, Mythic Denies Refunds

Eventually someone will realize that despite the success of games like League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, and Valve’s DOTA 2, the MOBA genre is not the next line of games where companies can put out any product and simply sit back and watch the money print itself. Originally announced in 2011, Wrath of Heroes […]

The Old Republic Grandfathers In Character Locks

Bioware has launched patch 1.6.2, bringing with it all sorts of bug fixes, balance changes, and miscellaneous changes. Chief¬†amongst¬†the updates in the patch notes is the revelation that Bioware will now be enforcing character slot restrictions. Why now, after all this time? That’s not important. What is important is that free players are restricted to […]

EA Employees Gear Up For Class Action Lawsuit

Electronic Arts has had its fair share of bad news just here at MMO Fallout. Warhammer Online and All Points Bulletin launched and subsequently took a jackhammer to the publisher’s relationship with its investors and partners, and the recent release of The Old Republic was met with major initial sales and just as much controversy […]

Ultima Online Producer: Support Ultima For Ultima 2

It’s easy to forget sometimes that Ultima Online is still with us. After all, the game enjoys a healthy but quiet community, and the idea that Ultima Online 2 could be a reality was mostly given up on some time ago. Still, the reveal of Ultima Forever, the remake of Ultima 4 as a free […]

The Old Republic Free To Play, Subscriptions Plummeted

Normally when I open an article with “to the surprise of absolutely no one,” I am exaggerating slightly. However, the announcement today that The Old Republic is heading to a free to play model should come as a surprise to absolutely no one with an internet connection and a finger on the pulse of Electronic […]