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[Community] PC Gaming May Not Be Dead, But Lawbreakers Is Starting Out Weak

Cliff Bleszinski has a long history with PC games, although you may not know it if you just started gaming within the last ten years. For a while, Bleszinski had a great relationship with the PC platform, until Unreal Tournament allegedly sold quite poorly on the system (according to Gamespy online stats from the time), […]

Buyer Found For APB: I Hope It Is Epic

If you’re like me, you still have All Points Bulletin installed on your computer, and occasionally start up the client. For those of you who don’t, you can still read the news ticker here: The ticker is occasionally updated with news on APB and Realtime Worlds, the latter still going through the negotiation process to […]

Please Buy All Points Bulletin, Epic Games!

I normally don’t talk about rumors, but if Earth Eternal can get bought up I’d like to think 130,000 player strong All Points Bulletin can get a reprieve as well. There are rumors flying around that Epic Games is gearing up to buy All Points Bulletin, no doubt a disappointment to the players currently working […]