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MMOrning Shots: Phoebe Rising

Today’s MMOrning Shots comes to us from Eve Online, showing off the¬†Phoebe expansion. With the introduction of jump fatigue, players and corporations alike will now have to think strategically when they set up supply lines, get into battles far away from home, and jump in on battles. As part of the update, players will now […]


CCP’s Latest Financial Report Shows Troubled Times

CCP Games has released their latest financial statement, and the results are a showcase on the company’s latest round of problems. Due to decreased revenue, CCP¬†announced that they have shut down their San Francisco offices and laid off two key US executives: CFO Joe Gallo and CMO David Reid. The cancellation of World of Darkness, […]

CCP Layoffs From Publishing Team

Eve Online developer CCP Games has confirmed to Gamasutra that a recent wave of layoffs has resulted in 49 employees being cut from the company. According to the report, teams from Eve Online, Eve: Valkyrie, Project Legion, and DUST 514 have not been affected by the layoffs. “As part of our strategy to focus on […]

CCP Posts 2013 Financial Results

CCP has posted their 2013 financial results and the results are interesting, if not confusing. While the company posted an annual revenue of $76.7 million USD, net loss amounted to $21.3 million during the same period. 2013 saw multiple milestones reached, including the launch of PS3 shooter DUST 514 as well as Eve Online’s 10th […]

Eve Online Graphic Novel Released

CCP Games has announced that the first issue of Eve: True Stories is now available for download. The graphic novel series follows the real events of players in the game Eve Online, with the first issue in the series devoted to the fall of the Band of Brothers alliance. The novel is published by Dark […]

Eve Online Bans Impersonating Your Own Alts

A recent change to Eve Online’s Terms of Service has prompted several inaccurate reports that CCP now disallows scamming, spying, and sabotage, and is actively banning players for said actions. The alteration, according to CCP, clarified an already in-place rule which made impersonation of another player a bannable offense. For example, pretending to be a […]

Listen To Eve’s Most Expensive Ship Blow Up

One time I accidentally broke a piece of equipment at my old job that was worth $200. I got yelled at by my boss. Factor that damage up to eight thousand dollars, and make the item rare to boot, and you’re going to have a very angry person on the other end. In the case […]

50,000 Skill Points Gifted By CCP Due To Downtime

So the issue of Eve Online’s servers being hit by a DDoS attack and brought offline for extended maintenance has been fixed, and players are once again flying through space and shooting each other to death. With the attacks behind them and security teams working on new methods to protect the servers, CCP has turned […]

Eve Online and DUST514 Hit By DDoS Attack

CCP has taken down the Tranquility server cluster after a sustained denial of service attack early this morning GMT time. CCP’s task force was mobilized and suggested keeping the servers offline for further investigation. As of this writing, the Tranquility servers are still offline. While we initially reopened EVE Online and DUST 514, we have […]