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New Everquest Server Will Never Catch Up

Everquest pumps out progression servers on a pretty regular basis, but have you ever looked at them and wondered what life would be like if the community never voted to progress past Planes of Power, aka when the game stopped being good (your words, not mine). Well consider that thirst quenched, as Daybreak Game Company […]


Daybreak Continues Shrinking: Landmark To Shut Down

Daybreak Game Company’s library continues to shrink just a little more, with the news that the rest of Everquest’s Next’s failed dream, Landmark, will shut down February 21st. As of right now, the game will be unavailable for purchase while all items in the marketplace will have their cost turned down to 1. In addition, […]

Community Is Reviving Everquest Online Adventures

You don’t need to look far to find fans of Sony Online Entertainment’s foray into console gaming, Everquest Online Adventures. The lesser known cousin of the series, EQOA shut down back in 2012 due to dwindling populations and the inevitable decline of the Playstation 2 as a gaming platform. A group is working on an […]

Everquest Promises New Progression Server, Less Drama

Daybreak Game Company has announced that the next progression server for Everquest, Phinigel, will not allow multi-boxing. Set to launch on December 9th, Phinigel will follow a strict schedule of one expansion release every ninety days, with no voting on the player side or manipulation from Daybreak. In addition, raids will have an instanced mode […]

Both Everquest Titles Reveal Upcoming Expansions

Everquest and Everquest 2 are set to receive their next expansions, and yes I said expansions. In both cases, more details are expected to be released on October 1st, alongside a live stream where Daybreak will be running through some of the new zones. For Everquest, the expansion includes 15 new raids accompanied by new […]

Rant: Customer Service Doesn’t Get Much Worse Than A Full Guild Suspension

As you read this, Daybreak Game Company is busy cleaning up the mess of another incident in a series of customer service missteps. This time it involves the unfair suspension of several hundred (sources place the figure at least 400 and possibly upwards of 600), in a guild-wide three day ban in retaliation for the […]

Daybreak Ignores Everquest Ragefire Vote

When it comes to Everquest and time-locked servers, polls ensure that the servers only progress as fast at the community wants them to. For Ragefire/Lockjaw, the latest set of progression servers, players voted by a very large percentage in order to keep the servers as they are for another six months, with the second most popular […]

Development Shifting Over To Everquest Next

Since Landmark and Everquest Next share the same engine and certain mechanics, it’s possible to develop both games simultaneously at some level. In the latest producer’s letter, Daybreak announced that development on Landmark-specific content is taking a back seat to Next. So, as we shift our focus and development to EQN, it just doesn’t make […]

[Community] Are Boxers Harshing Your Ragefire Buzz?

(Community is a weekly column discussing ongoing events in various MMOs. Agree or disagree, we’d like to hear what you think in the comments below.) Everquest’s Ragefire progression server has been up for less than a week, actually it’s been up for about four days, but if you’ve been trying to make headway in the […]

Half-Elfs Break Everquest’s Progression Server

If you’ve been waiting for Daybreak to unlock the Ragefire progression server for Everquest, you’ll be waiting a bit longer. The server has been taken down due to a bug allowing players to log in with fully-formed level 50 characters. The Daybreak team is currently looking into what caused this. Half-elf bard’s broke #Everquest. 🙁 […]