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Weekend Wrapper:

It’s time for another Weekend Wrapper, where we look at some gaming news that didn’t quite make it to MMO Fallout’s floor. News/Updates: RuneScape’s Road Trip is in full gear, although players might find their quality of life improved via ninja patches. Old School RuneScape patches in slayer partners, new teleport animations, and more. Marvel […]


Daybreak Game Company Embraces Project 99

It isn’t too often that developers acknowledge, let alone embrace a private servers emulating their games, especially if the title in question is still in operation. Daybreak Game Company, however, has decided to embrace the Project 1999 private server, an emulation project of Everquest as it was in its early days, to officially recognize and […]

Everquest Progression Server Voting Commences

Everquest is set to release a new progression server, and the team wants player feedback on how the game should transition into new expansions. Our Progression Server player poll is now live in game and asks you to select from 4 options. Below is a summary of the options that the Designers put together. Mechanics […]

Breaking: Dave Georgeson Departs Daybreak Game Studio

Yeah, I’m sorry folks but it’s true. LM, eqn, eq and eqii are no longer guided by moi. Other dreamers will steer now. — David Georgeson (@DaveGeorgeson) February 11, 2015 Dave Georgeson has announced via Twitter that he is no longer involved in the Everquest franchise. Update: Daybreak Game Studio has confirmed a big round […]

Everquest 15 Year Anniversary Graphic

Sony Online Entertainment has released an infographic detailing just how technology and the internet has progressed since Everquest launched in 1999, not to mention detailing a decade and a half of the franchise’s achievements. Do you remember when hard drives cost $25 per gigabyte? I do.

SOE Releases Revised List

Ask and you shall receive. Owing the massive amount of feedback regarding SOE’s recently announced changes, John Smedley has posted a revised list of coming changes to Sony All Access. In short, the “pick an item” system won’t be coming, however players will be forced to claim the stipend monthly. We’re lowering the price of […]

Sony Online All Access Changing In February

Sony Online Entertainment has announced upcoming changes to gold membership in Everquest, and not all players will be happy. Instead of the monthly stipend of 500 station cash, members will be able to purchase one item up to two thousand station cash, sans bundles, studio items, etc. The week of February 3rd, 2014 we will […]

Everquest Mac Shutting Down For Real This Time

Some of you may remember that Sony Online Entertainment originally slated Everquest Mac to shut down in 2012, but decided against it due to passionate feedback from the community. Well passion can only get you so far, and in a letter posted to the community, John Smedley has announced that Everquest’s Mac iteration will be […]

Sony Online Entertainment Layoffs

Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that the developer has laid off an unknown number of staff from an unknown variety of divisions. SOE’s Linda Carlson posted on several of the official game boards that the reduction aims to reduce costs and focus efforts on the current slate of games. As a company, our goal is […]

MMOrning Shots: Everquest 14th Anniversary

Today’s MMOrning shot comes from Everquest, in celebration of the game’s fourteenth anniversary. Yes, in two more years Everquest will be of legal driving age, and then presumably will be able to pick up the pizza you ordered through /pizza in-game. MMOrning Shots is a (somewhat) daily line of screenshots from various MMOs. If you […]