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Steam Cleaning: Valve Bans Yet Another Title For Impersonating Dota 2

It must be a day ending in Y, because Valve has terminated yet another Russian developer for publishing a game on the Steam marketplace with the express purpose of scamming items from established Valve titles. In this case, the creator in question was able to change the title of his game to Dota 2, including […]

RuneScape Slams Clue Scroll Exploiters With Banhammer

Jagex has dropped the banhammer hard on six accounts found to be exploiting a bug in this past week’s clue scroll overhaul. Jagex posted on the RuneScape Subreddit to note that while six accounts were banned for utilizing the exploit, more than 50 other accounts were banned for attempting to trade said exploited goods for […]

Epic Strikes Again: Sues Over Fortnite V-Buck Exploit

Since last October, Epic Games has launched at least six lawsuits against individuals creating or advertising cheats for Fortnite, and as of last week you can add another one to that list. Epic has filed another lawsuit in the Northern District of California court, this time against an individual Yash Gosai, over his advertising of […]

[NM] For Honor Exploit Costs Ubisoft $10,000 After Ignoring Major Game Balance Issues

It’s a tale that sounds tailor made for news headlines, but at a recent tournament held by Ubisoft for For Honor, the grand prize of $10 thousand ultimately went to contestants who played, dare we say it, dishonorably. The Hero Series is an effort by Ubisoft to bring players back to its fighting game For […]

Exploit Knocks Secret World Legends Into Extended Downtime

What originally began as a simple maintenance downtime has resulted in the Secret World Legends servers being offline for much of the day, with services now expected to resume at 5pm eastern. The downtime originates from an exploit discovered in the game that allowed players to generate mass quantities of currency. As a result, Funcom […]

Guild Uses Exploit To Kill ArcheAge Boss, Loots Permanent Ban

In a rather interesting turn of events, Trion Worlds has taken to the forums to discuss a recent high profile incident of a guild using exploits to kill a boss monster in ArcheAge. The Leviathan is a massive world boss in ArcheAge that is so powerful that it has yet to be defeated in combat […]

Trion Worlds Offers Refunds To Bug Abusers

Trion Worlds is offering loyalty token refunds for players who purchased the Mirage Donkey mount with the purpose of exploiting a bug, after said bug was fixed. The exploit allowed the donkey to run faster while strafing or going backward than it did moving forward. Community manager Scapes posted the following on the Trion Worlds […]

ArcheAge PLEX Available Again… Again

Trion Worlds has announced the ArcheAge APEX are officially back up and available for purchase.The item, providing a method for players to extend their subscription without paying real money, has been the subject of numerous exploits, resulting in it being pulled from the cash shop for small periods of time. The following announcement was posted […]

Wildstar Cheaters Given 24 Hours To Confess

A recently discovered gold exploit is in the process of being patched out of Wildstar, and in the meantime players are being put on notice. Carbine Studios knows who you are and what you’ve done, but you may not be completely out of luck. We are aware of the gold exploit feedback that has been circulating […]

ArcheAge Hackers Strike Back: Arena

Hackers are playing a large role in ArcheAge, like it or not. Presently, and until XL Games figures out a way to fix the numerous glaring holes in their system, they are taking over many aspects of the game. Armies of bots make their way around the game’s world, farming gathering locations and mobs for drops and […]

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