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[NM] 10 Must Have Mods For Fallout New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas was released in 2010 as the fourth game in the Fallout series and has been wildly popular ever since. Sure, there were a few bugs and glitches, but gamers and game reviewers have praised this title from the outset, helping it sell more than 12 million copies around the world. Now, almost […]


[Less Massive] Interplay’s Latest Legal Trouble

Fallout developer Interplay has gotten itself into more legal trouble. Those of you who have been keeping score will remember that our saga began in 2009 when Bethesda sued Interplay over the company’s not-so-honest claims that Fallout Online was in full production, meaning 30 million in funding minimum. Interplay, in its multiple attempts to fight […]

Fallout MMO Back On The Table? Zenimax Working On F2P MMO

It’s been a while since we’ve had an opportunity to talk about the long dead Project V13, since January when Bethesda won its lawsuit against Interplay and subsequently terminated the Fallout MMO. Meanwhile, Zenimax Studios continues its long development of The Elder Scrolls Online, an MMO adaptation that has left fans curious and the media […]

Interplay To Bethesda: No, You’re Absurd!

Back in April I happily announced that the Interplay Vs Bethesda lawsuit was over, after an investor reported to Joystiq that Bethesda had dropped their suit. Of course, as we discovered in our long and incredibly painful interrogation of investor Frymuchan, Bethesda confirmed that they were not dropping the suit, and planned to continue full […]

News On Fallout Online? Hurray!

Fun Fact: The last Project V13 article was almost five months ago (June 27th). When I read the latest description of Fallout Online, it reminded me of Xsyon in nature. Being an MMO, the game can’t give you a simple task like finding a chip to fix the water recycling, or escaping the vault to […]

Project V13 To Offer Some Form Of Permadeath?

Ask yourself: How many MMOs on the market truly have a punishing death penalty system? Games like Ultima Online, Runescape, and Darkfall have you lose most if not all of your items upon death, but when you become rich that is really nothing more of than a minor set back. Eve Online and Face of […]

Bethesda Vs Interplay: The Lawsuit Is NOT Down

Update: According to a report from Bethesda to Joystiq, the lawsuit has not been dropped. Please accept our apologies as our bounty hunter tracks down Interplay investor “Frymuchan” for his disservice. “It’s an ongoing legal matter. I don’t know where whoever reported that got their information, but it is ongoing and we are going to […]

Project V13 Beta! In 2012…

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Project V13, the fabled Fallout MMO and namesake for this blog, is trucking along and will be hitting beta soon. The bad news is that by soon, I mean soon in Valve Time, and it may be likely that the beta will trigger […]

2009: Surprise Sequels and Drama Aplenty

2009 has come to a close, and has brought us plenty in terms of surprise sequels and drama. Here is a comprehensive list of the surprise sequels and drama that hit this past year.

Interplay Will Continue Work on Fallout MMO

Motion Hearing held on 12/10/2009 re [3] MOTION for Preliminary Injunction filed by Bethesda Softworks LLC – Argued – “DENIED” as stated on the record by Judge Deborah K. Chasanow. (Court Reporter – Sharon O’Neill) (td, Deputy Clerk) Depending on who you support in the ongoing lawsuit between Bethesda and Interplay, this news will be […]