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FFXIV Drops 90 Day Subscriptions For PS3

We all know that the days of Final Fantasy XIV are coming to an end so far as the Playstation 3 is concerned. With less than 90 days on the radar coming up, it makes sense that Square Enix would stop selling 90 day subscription cards, which they plan on doing after March 18. Furthermore, […]

Pre-Order FFXIV: Stormblood Today

Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion is nearly among us, so long as you don’t count June 20th as too far in the future, but you can make that time go by faster by pre-ordering your copy on PC or Playstation 4. In fact, pre-ordering will make it come faster, since Square Enix is offering a […]

Screenshots: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5

Final Fantasy XIV is set to launch patch 3.5, The Far Edge of Fate, and Square Enix is sharing a ton of new content screenshots. Seriously, the few that I have curated are just a sample of the massive amount of media that Square has released. Topping the list of new content is Dun Scaith, […]

[Column] Final Fantasy XIV’s Patcher Is Still Busted Garbage

For the record, I wanted this article to be an MMOments on how Final Fantasy XIV has been coming along, what changes have been made to the game, and what I did with my extra time allotted thanks to the welcome back campaign currently ongoing. I really did, I love Final Fantasy and XIV is […]

Final Fantasy XIV Teases Deep Dungeon

Final Fantasy XIV is gearing up for the release of patch 3.35, which introduces the Deep Dungeon. The Palace of the Dead is a (to start) fifty floor, randomly generated dungeon that can be explored in groups of up to four players. Your progression in the dungeon is separated from that of your normal adventurer, […]

Final Fantasy XIV Sells Character Licenses

Final Fantasy XIV isn’t just making bank in terms of box sales and subscriptions, it’s also making good on licensed products. In Square Enix’s latest financial report, the company praises FFXIV and its first expansion, Heavensward, as being behind a bump in sales of goods derived from characters and soundtracks. During the three-month period ended […]

Square Enix Apologizes For FFXIV On Mac, Offers Refunds

Direct Naoki Yoshida has posted a letter to Final Fantasy XIV fans, apologizing for issues with the mac client. The mac version of FFXIV launched on June 23rd, and it became immediately apparent that the game was not running properly on many systems, even those who met the minimum requirements. According to Yoshida, in the […]

Return To Eorzea This Month: Get High Level Gear

Square Enix is gearing up for the launch of Heavensward, the first expansion to Final Fantasy XIV, out June 23rd, and now so can you. For players who left FFXIV but plan to come back for the launch of Heavensward, Square Enix is offering ten silver chocobo feathers that can be swapped for iLevel 120 […]