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FFXIV: Trial Characters Eventually Expire

Free trials have finally come to Final Fantasy XIV, which means more people running around the world of Eorzea. One question that always pops up is how to deal with the army of dead characters that will be created and then never returned to. Square Enix has apparently thought of this problem and come up with a […]

TERA Drops 7-Day Limit From Trial, Closer To Free To Play

TERA may be partially free to play in Korea, but for now you Western gamers are just going to have to deal with limited trials. En Masse Entertainment has opened up the TERA free trial from the original seven day limitation to unlimited play. Players are able to level two characters per server up to […]

RuneScape Free Trial Returns?

Last month I posted an article about a 14-day membership for new accounts. The trial was unannounced and held rather ambiguous requirements as to who could participate (at the time it appeared to be UK-only), and remained unmentioned by Jagex until later in the month when Mod Hippo posted to announce that the trial had […]

Try LOTRO and DDO In Your Browsers With Gaikai

Well, don’t get your hopes up. Turbine today announced Gaikai, allowing players to trial Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online without having to download either game’s client. Playable through your browser, the trial is heavily limited: One hour, due to technical issues that prevent any repeat or extended play at this […]

Limited 14 Day RuneScape Members Trial

[UPDATE: THE TRIAL APPEARS TO BE UP AND RUNNING AGAIN, CLICK HERE] Earlier this month, I talked about how now that Jagex has rid the game of the more troublesome bots, a limited members trial sounds far more feasible. After all, while the free version of RuneScape offers an overwhelming amount of content, the two […]

Final Fantasy XI Is Crazy On XI-XI-XI: 14-Day Trial?

Do not adjust your monitors, the title of this article has been transmitted as intended: Final Fantasy XI has released a 14 day trial. Still surprised? So am I, but apparently the folks at Square Enix decided to pull down one barrier for entry into the aging-yet-enormous-to-an-almost-intimidating-degree MMO. If you were holding off on trying […]

Gods & Heroes Trial Extended: 7 Days

Seven days isn’t just enough time for a small Japanese girl to come out of your television and murder you. I’m going to go on a limb and guess that, although appealing to some, the three day Gods and Heroes trial just wasn’t long enough of a sample period for many prospective buyers. As a […]

Everquest II: Now With A Decent Free Trial

Technically Everquest II has the mother of all free trials, however if you’re looking to bud into the subscription-only sector to play with friends, this promotion doesn’t exactly help you. Announced on the Station website, the new free trial offers 14 days of worry-free gaming, with a few perks on the side. Players receive a […]

Aion: 10 Day Free Trial And Welcome Back Week

Aion’s 2.5 patch brings a whole lot of sexy to NCsoft’s already big-hitting title. The patch brings with it a new graphics mode, new content, customizations, pets, mentoring, armors, abyss changes, dynamic maps, and more changes than you could legally shake your finger at. In fact, NCsoft is so excited, that they want to welcome […]

Mortal Online: 14 Day Trial

Wanted to try out Mortal Online without the need for purchasing the game? Those of you paying attention will be aware that a free trial has been on the list for a while now, but hampered due to Star Vault’s desire to continue patching the game before advertising it to the general public. The wait, […]