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[Europe] TERA Custom Guild Emblems Temporarily Removed

I’ve always said that developers/publishers should not punish the entire community for the actions of a small group. Now, I hadn’t taken a full look at the TERA guild emblems I posted (which were essentially dumped from a folder on my hard drive) until I started writing this article, but lo and behold I found […]


Stuck in TERA Queue? Enjoy Some Bonus Experience

I don’t know about you, but I hate queue lines, except in those rare moments when I find myself queuing in line for the gas station to open in the morning to buy a slushie. But enough of my small town stories. The point of my story is: I hate queue lines in video games, […]

TERA Weekend Event Postponed

“The sneak peek event planned for this weekend unfortunately has had to be cancelled. As we currently cannot foresee when we will be able to guarantee a smooth running of the event, there is no new date as of yet. We’re working closely with the TERA developers at Bluehole to fix the remaining issues. The […]

TERA Can’t Escape Licencing, IP Blocks Coming

Back when Bluehole announced that TERA would have no region restrictions whatsoever, I was admittedly skeptical. An MMO without regional restrictions generally spawns from one of a few circumstances: The same company is publishing it in all regions ala City of Heroes, or there is only one worldwide server ala Eve Online and Mortal Online. […]

Runes of Magic Coming To A Browser Near You!

Back in the day, you may remember that Dungeon Runners was set to receive a transfer to the web browser shortly before death. Due to the nature of MMOs being the opera singers (read: fat) of the gaming genre, free to play titles have a harder time gaining new customers when that means convincing someone […]

Frogster: Misleading, Possibly Fraudulent Facebook Ads

I was going about my daily Facebook activities (posting creepy Woody pictures), and lo and behold, I came across the following ad: You’ll notice that this ad links to “,” and I quite honestly expected that this was either A.) a scam ad that managed to get through, or B.) Jagex was advertising on Facebook, […]

Frogster: This Is How You Charity

Here at MMO Fallout, I never turn down a good charity story, and today is no different. Frogster has a yearly run on Runes of Magic for Save The Children (Germany edition), a children’s rights organization that engages in all sorts of projects, with the goal of improving healthcare and education for all kiddies no […]

Frogster Account Security Compromised: 3.5 Million Accounts Hacked

As a partial webmaster myself (that is, I run a website, not a professional at web services), nothing makes the belly chuckle like an anonymous person who is likely not old enough to drive, writing a comment threatening to hack (hax) the website and ruin my life. Often, such a problem can be fixed by […]

Runes of Magic Slimming Up: New 3.5G Client

Sometime around Dungeon Runner’s shutdown, the blokes at NCsoft talked about how somewhere around one third of players who signed up for Dungeon Runners free accounts never got past the client download. Considering Dungeon Runners lists one gigabyte as a requirement on the box, I can only imagine how much the issue transcends to other […]

TERA: No Stinking IP Blocks!

A few months ago, we talked about area restrictions in MMOs, as a few select incidents brought up questions of legality and responsibility on the part of the publisher. Due to legal agreements, the publisher for an MMO in North America cannot allow players from Europe if another company has publishing rights in that region, […]