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In Response To Gambling Laws, Square Enix Starts Pulling Titles From Belgium

Earlier this year the Belgian government gave a clear warning to game developers: Fall into line with your gambling mechanics or face potential criminal charges including fines and even jail sentences. Over the last seven months, we’ve seen the industry take the threat very seriously (for the most part). Companies like Blizzard and Valve have […]


Electronic Arts Gambles On Loot Boxes, Now Under Criminal Investigation

Loot boxes in 2018 are a multi-million dollar business, and Electronic Arts loves loot boxes so much that it is willing to potentially perform criminal acts in order to keep that sweet cash flowing. Such is the case in Belgium, where the Brussel’s public prosecutor’s office has officially opened a criminal investigation into Electronic Arts […]

Column: Stripped Down For Belgium, A Post-Lootbox Ruling

Rest in peace, Belgium gaming. That’s hyperbole. This week Belgium declared that lootboxes in the fashion of Counter Strike: GO and Overwatch constitute illegal gambling, threatening their associated developers with monetary fines and jail sentences if they don’t comply. This week and the following weeks will no doubt consist of executives meeting with lawyers in […]

Belgium Criminalizes Certain Lootboxes, Sends Threat To Developers

The first answer to any question of “is this legal” is “where?” Belgium has joined the growing list of countries to declare that lootboxes, in some fashion, constitute an illegal form of gambling. The Belgium Gaming Commission determined this week that FIFA 18, Overwatch, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive violate its gambling laws and has […]

This Is What A Valve Takedown Notice Looks Like

Jagex Decrees: Gambling Illegal In RuneScape

The word of God has spoken. RuneScape has been updated today with a strange set of new fixes to various items. The Easter ring now only turns one color, flowers planted by players now grow in one single color, the seal of approval emote now only displays one animation, and the classic cape no longer […]

Jagex Begins Muting Gambling Hosts

Jagex is continuing its war on gambling in RuneScape with a recent hidden update to the game. As we’ve talked about before, one of the most popular gambling methods in RuneScape is called hot/cold, that uses an item called a mithril seed which when planted into the ground produces a random colored flower. The gambler […]

Jagex Opens (Limited) Members Skills To Free Players

In 2012, Jagex opened up a 14-day free trial for free to play players. The account is limited in regards to trading and acquiring items, and once the 14-day free trial ends, any items that are members only are unable to be used until that player purchases a subscription. With today’s release of the March […]

Lockboxes Illegal? Cryptic Would Rather Dump Your Country

It’s been almost two years since Bill Roper has had anything to do with Cryptic Studios, but with some of the recent money-related decisions made by the developer, you would never know he’d left. Not long ago, Cryptic introduced lockboxes, cash shop items that have the chance at offering valuable items to the players who […]

Gambling In RuneScape: Just Say Neigh To Gambling

Back in November, I discussed a growing problem in RuneScape: Gambling. The introduction of dice brought with it an underground casino-style ring of players setting up shop by the Grand Exchange (RuneScape auction house) and betting on dice rolls. In order to combat the in-game street dice, Jagex removed the item entirely, at the same […]