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New Everquest Server Will Never Catch Up

Everquest pumps out progression servers on a pretty regular basis, but have you ever looked at them and wondered what life would be like if the community never voted to progress past Planes of Power, aka when the game stopped being good (your words, not mine). Well consider that thirst quenched, as Daybreak Game Company […]

Player Elder Scrolls Online Free: PS4 and PC

PS4 and PC users will have the opportunity to play The Elder Scrolls Online for free beginning Wednesday, November 16th. While news has not been given on an Xbox One trial, players on the other two platforms will have access to the full game plus 500 Crowns (cash shop currency) to muck around with. In […]

Daybreak Game Company Branching Into Xbox One

(Update: Clarified that DC Universe is the first game to be released) When Daybreak Game Company spun off of its Sony corporate overlords, most of us assumed and hoped that this would lead to their titles eventually being released on the Xbox. That speculation has come to fruition with the announcement that DC Universe Online […]

You Can Now Disown Games On Steam

Have you ever looked at your Steam library and thought “this game was so bad, I don’t even want it in my collection?” If you said yes, your day has come. In an unannounced update to their customer support section, Valve has made it possible to completely disown games on Steam. It sounds like a […]

Jagex Is Working On Another MMO Again

Hot off the heels of Transformers Universe closing down, it appears Jagex is back on the horse with another MMO. A job listing popped up on the Jagex website looking for a lead programmer for an “undisclosed MMO.” Given the exciting recent developments in online game engine technology and our historical success with the record […]