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APB: Reloaded Implements New Premium Payments, With Auto-Renew!

Gamersfirst this week announced that players will finally be able to subscribe to the game’s premium service and have their subscription automatically renew every month. Through its payment provider Stripe, players can automatically subscribe to one month ($7.99), three month ($18.39) and six month ($26.36) plans that will automatically renew without needing you to manually […]

GamersFirst Now Owned By Little Orbit

GamersFirst announced this week that it has been acquired by developer Little Orbit, with new CEO Matt Scott addressing the communities of APB and Fallen Earth to detail their plans for the future. “There’s been a lot of speculation over the last couple months about who would be crazy enough to take on this game. […]

APB Reloaded Unleashes Chaos Mode

Chaos has descended upon San Paro! Reloaded Productions has launched the prototype of Chaos Mode, a new game mode for APB: Reloaded that pits law vs chaos in a battle to the death. Currently in testing from May 30th through June 6th, Chaos Mode does not contain the contacts that you are generally used to […]

MMOrning Shot: Driving In Style

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes from Fallen Earth, showing off the upcoming Vandal Hatchback vehicle. Players will be able to get their hands one one soon™. MMOrning Shots is a daily line of screenshots from various MMOs. Most are taken in-house or come to us in press releases, but if you would like your screenshot featured, […]

APB Details Upcoming Spawn System Changes

Ever since Reloaded Productions took over All Points Bulletin and relaunched it as APB: Reloaded, the team has been hard at work addressing reverences from the community, whether related to driving, threat systems, lag, and now the spawn system apparently. In a recent blog posting, the APB team discusses the current manner in which players […]

MMOrning Shots: Premium Milk

How much tainted milk is premium worth? I guess that depends on what kind of premium milk we’re talking about here. Either way, I’m not sure how we missed it but last month Gamersfirst implemented an update turning premium subscription into a traded item, ala PLEX from Eve Online and in other MMOs. MMOrning Shots […]

GamersFirst Takes A Hard Stance on Scrubs In Fallen Earth

Everyone hates scrubs in their video games, and while GamersFirst isn’t exactly sure what a “scrub” is, they have the power of Merriam Webster’s dictionary. In a post on Facebook, Tee Affo has announced a new dedication to removing scrubs, no matter their definition, from Fallen Earth. Tee Affo with a special report – We’ve […]

Gamersfirst Drops Sword2, Transitions To T3Fun

Back in May, we discussed how Gamersfirst would be removing its line of third party titles, and focusing on in-house MMOs including Fallen Earth and All Points Bulletin. At the time, War Rock and Knight Online made the transition to various new publishers. In a recent release, the company announced that Sword2 will be moving […]

Reloaded Games Absorbed Into Gamersfirst Hive Mind

Gamersfirst has quite a record of their library being filled with one of the two: dying MMORPGs and Korean MMORPGs, or any combination of the two. In May, Gamersfirst announced that the company was restructuring to focus more on in-house developed games rather than the usual library of Korean cookie-cutter titles. As a result, War […]

Gamersfirst Focusing On In-House IP, Some Titles To Transfer

Thankfully the news this week isn’t all bad. is reporting that Gamers First is restructuring in order to bring more focus on the company’s in-house IPs. As part of this move, a couple of titles are moving services, and the publisher announced that the contractors working on Fallen Earth have been removed in favor […]

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