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Play Marvel Heroes Instantly With InstaPlay

While download waits increasingly become a thing of the past, the thought of having to sit through a 20 gigabyte client for a free to play game is still a daunting task that puts some people off. Who has time to wait for a game to download when you’ve got villains to beat up? Luckily, […]


Marvel Heroes Heading East To Asian Markets

Step aside, Avengers, or actually just stay where you are. Gazillion Entertainment has announced a partnership with cloud computing company Ubitus Inc to bring Marvel Heroes to Asia this summer. Leveraging Ubitus’ market reach, the super hero MMO will be rolling out over the region beginning with Korea and heading China-bound with other countries to […]

Marvel Heroes 2016 Is Here, Controller Support Now In

Marvel Heroes 2016 is here, and the long awaited controller support has come along with it. The 2016 update brings with it the secret invasion story line, with ten new regions, twelve new bosses, and a new patrol zone. The update also introduces Black Cat as the latest playable character, an Agent Venom team-up, and […]

Marvel Heroes Offers 14 Days Of Festive Favors

Gazillion Entertainment has begun the first day of festive events in Marvel Heroes, inviting players to log in each day for the next two weeks for a new present each day. The game has been pretty generous in the past with holiday presents, and this year looks to be the same with plenty of free […]

Marvel Heroes: Stock Up On Cheap Crafting Tabs

The Marvel Heroes Mystic Mayhem event has arrived, ushering in the new Infernal Limbo zone not to mention tons of possibilities for loot. Head into Limbo and get your hands on eternity splinters, legendary scrolls, hero tokens, and more. Check out the detailed forum post for more information on exactly what the event entails. Those […]

Marvel Heroes Mystic Mayhem Promises A Lot of Loot

Gazillion Entertainment has released a preview of the next big event for Marvel Heroes: Mystic Mayhem. The event, which should begin later this month, tasks heroes with fighting back a demonic horde, eventually taking their fight to the off-world of Limbo. For the duration of the event, players will be able to get their hands […]

Marvel Heroes Will Annualize Versions

The shift from Marvel Heroes to Marvel Heroes 2015 took a rather mediocre game and transformed it into the critically acclaimed title it is today, but don’t expect that shiny 2015 tag to stay forever. In an interview with Game Sauce, David Brevik discusses that Marvel Heroes will see annualized versions, accompanied by major patches […]

Marvel Heroes: Grab A Free Hero Of Your Choice

Marvel Heroes is celebrating its second anniversary, and that means free heroes for everyone. Log in today or tomorrow to receive a free hero ticket that can be exchanged for a free character (or ultimate upgrade token) of your choice at the anniversary event vendor in the Avengers Tower. Players have their choice of any […]

Lego Universe Was Hindered By Dong Detection Software

Lego Universe was an MMO that allowed players a free space to build anything their heart desired, and since the internet is well known as a mature and well behaved medium, it may surprise you to learn that some players were using the creator to build brick representations of male genitals. Former Lego Universe developer […]

Marvel Heroes Introduces Achievements

Marvel Heroes players have another set of things to collect, with the introduction of in-game achievements. Today’s update adds hundreds of achievements, rewarding players with credits, costumes, pets, and more. Achievements span everything from leveling up, collecting items, defeating enemies, and more. You can find the announcement at the link below. Also coming with today’s […]