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Marvel Heroes Biggest Update Ever Hits Servers Today

The Marvel Heroes “Biggest Update Ever” is finally ready to go live today, as the official forums have posted an announcement for players to expect the servers to go down at noon Pacific with downtime of four hours. The Marvel Heroes 2016 servers will be going offline at 12 PM PST for the Biggest Update […]

Marvel Heroes Unveils Biggest System Update Ever

Marvel Heroes is gearing up to completely overhaul their titular ARPG, and everyone is invited to the party. As announced this week, over the span of several updates Gazillion Entertainment will be making major changes to how you level up and how you play in Marvel Heroes going forward. Long time players are well acquainted […]

Marvel Heroes Celebrates Third Anniversary

Saturday June 4th marks the third anniversary of titular MMO Marvel Heroes. Beginning Friday at 11:00am PDT, Gazillion staff will be hosting a livestream throughout the day with various developers fielding questions and discussing their role in development. The in-game celebration begins tomorrow as well, with the return of some of our most popular gameplay […]

Marvel Heroes: BOGO Sale

If you’re looking to get your hands on some new digs in Marvel Heroes, you’re in luck. Until Tuesday February 23rd, when you but a hero or costume from the Gazillion store, you’ll receive a free random token for a hero or costume respectively. The random token comes with the possibility of giving you a […]

Marvel Heroes Giving Away $25,000

Gazillion Entertainment has announced a $25,000 giveaway for Marvel Heroes, and all you need to do to have a chance at winning is play the game┬ástarting today and running until all five tickets have been claimed. Players have a very rare chance at receiving one of five golden (purple) vibranium tickets. Whoever does find a […]

MMOments: Marvel Heroes Anniversary Achievements

Marvel Heroes is in the fourth week of its second anniversary, and that means if you haven’t already started working on the related achievements, you’re probably too late. If you haven’t been tuning into the ARPG these past few weeks, you missed out on a lot of free stuff. A random hero, Angel team up, […]

Weekend Wrapper:

It’s time for another Weekend Wrapper, where we look at some gaming news that didn’t quite make it to MMO Fallout’s floor. News/Updates: RuneScape’s Road Trip is in full gear, although players might find their quality of life improved via ninja patches. Old School RuneScape patches in slayer partners, new teleport animations, and more. Marvel […]

MMOrning Shots: Marvel Heroes 2015

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Marvel Heroes and is one cool looking poster. Marvel Heroes 2015 is meant to showcase how far the game has come in the last year. Do justice for MMOrning Shots every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Marvel Heroes Has Ten Year License

Gamers who follow the news are understandably concerned over the state of Marvel Heroes. The new year brought with it a purge of Marvel titles from digital stores, games sold by Activision, Capcom, and others were unceremoniously removed and it appears are not coming back. Granted, not that many of them were good, but that’s […]

Marvel Heroes Adding More Villains

Marvel Heroes continues expanding its roster of heroes, and now even villains. In a post on the official website, Gazillion announced that players can get their hands on an advance pack, including Dr Strange, Juggernaut, Magneto, Moon Knight, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Silver Surfer, Sue Storm, Star-lord, and Venom. The advance pack also offers two additional characters […]