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Gigantic To Shut Down Following Motiga Layoffs

Following their statement in November that Perfect World Entertainment had laid off a number of staff at Motiga, we have learned this week that MOBA title Gigantic will shut down. As of today, purchasing of rubies and hero packs have been disabled, and all heroes will be free until the servers shut down at the […]

Perfect World Entertainment Offers Statement on Motiga Layoffs

MMO Fallout has received an official statement from Perfect World Entertainment following reported layoffs at Gigantic developer Motiga, confirming that a team will remain on board and continue development of future content. In addition, the closure of the Seattle office at Runic Games is unrelated to the layoffs at Motiga. The statement in its entirety […]

Gigantic Is Still Here, Starts New Community Events

Gigantic developer Motiga has announced the latest community challenge for players. Gamers have one week to deal 2.1 billion damage to enemy guardians, or face the horrible defeat of not being rewarded a solar flair skin. You’ll have to ask yourself, are you a bad enough dude to kill the guardian and go out for […]

Beta Perspective: Gigantic

I’m having a lot of fun on Gigantic. I guess I should elaborate. I very rarely talk about MOBA titles here on MMO Fallout because I personally don’t care for them and, based on a poll I did a couple of years ago, my audience doesn’t either. So the few titles that I do talk […]

Gigantic Hits Xbox One Preview/Windows 10 On December 8

Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga have announced the open beta of MOBA Gigantic will launch on Windows 10 and Xbox One Preview on December 8. For players who hadn’t yet given the MOBA a try, there is another early opportunity to do so this week with a closed beta event running from December 1 through […]

Check Out Gigantic’s Latest Video

Developed by Motiga and published by Perfect World Entertainment, Gigantic is an upcoming MOBA, currently in beta, and looking for new players. The guys at Motiga have put together a teaser video about the game’s rough development cycle, which you can watch below after reading up about the game. For more information about the game, […]

Perfect World Entertainment Publishing Gigantic

Perfect World Entertainment today announced a new partnership deal to publish Gigantic, the free to play action MOBA by Motiga Games, on its Arc client. Gigantic will join first party titles including Champions Online, Neverwinter, and Star Trek Online, as Perfect World Entertainment continues to ramp up its efforts to introduce quality games to the […]

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