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Glitch Assets Are Now Public Domain

  Despite the failing of Glitch on a financial level, the folks at Tiny Speck have already cemented their place in our hearts. Rather than allow years of work to go to waste, the team at Tiny Speck has announced that all of the art assets (minus the logo and trademark, of course) have been […]


MMOments In Gaming: This Vehicle Is Broken

The manufacturers of this hover car had the right idea when designing a vehicle that could still be driven even if flipped over.

Thanks For The Memories, Glitch

So 11pm Eastern has come and gone, and so has one of the best games to ever release and then quickly de-release and head back into beta. While Glitch may not have been a traditional game, it was still a load of fun to log into and check out the wild and wacky bits and […]

Glitch Shutting Down December 9th

What a terrible day. As posted on the Glitch website today, the fledgling MMO will be shutting down forever as of December 9th. The website and forums will remain up until 8pm Pacific on the 9th, during which time the website and all services including mobile apps will no longer be available. The team is […]

Five More Glitch Invites

It is Glitch beta giveaway time! With the new changes to the comment system, your comments should be authenticated immediately. Hopefully we all know the rules, but for the uninitiated, let’s go over them one more time: Leave a comment with a valid email in the email box. Really, that’s it. The first five to […]

Glitch Beta Key Giveaway

[UPDATE] I have more invites, so comments have been reopened. Again, remember you will need a legitimate, active email address and to answer the email I send you to confirm. It’s been a long time since Tiny Speck opened Glitch up to the public: Ten months by my count. But a few days ago, Tiny […]

Picture of the ____: The Old Republic /breakdown

Leave it up to the internet to find even more humor in an already humorous bug. In The Old Republic, players discovered that using the emote /getdown causes your enemies to be unable to target you properly. Bioware has stated that no one has been banned or warned for this, so dance to your heart’s […]

Picture of the _____: A What Fondler?

I finally made it into Glitch, the MMO by the guys who made Katamari Damacy, and they have taken yet another step forward toward insanity. I managed to get this achievement for successfully petting 11 piggies, before nibbling on each one individually.

Glitch: No Idea What I’m Watching

I don’t know what is going on in this trailer for Glitch, an upcoming free to play MMO, but it’s being created by the guys that made Katamari Damaci, so i want it.